Toy Review: Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League – B’Wana Beast & Batman

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I consider myself fairly well-versed in DC lore, not nearly to the same extent as Marvel but I know my way around their universe. Afterall, one night at trivia at a local bar, the question was, “Who is the Green Lantern’s secret identity?” At the sametime, my friend and I both yelled, “Which one?” But there are a few fringe characters in DC who I know nothing about, a big one: B’Wana Beast. Well, I shouldn’t say nothing. He was in the episode of Justice League Unlimited and tried to seduce Zatana before hanging out with pigs.

With the power to combine any two animals, B’Wana Beast teams with Batman to make an unusual crime fighting team.

Yes, B’Wana’s power is to take two animals and combine them into a new animal. A rhino and a dolphin? Sure! Bear and a horse? Why not! Sea cucumber and algae? Probably that too. But he’s basically Tarzan wearing a funny helmet (it grants him his power). Since I still haven’t watched any of the Brave and the Bold, I don’t know how accurate he is portrayed. B’Wana Beast matches the style well of the line: huge torso, skinny arms and round feet.

B’Wana Beast has the standard articulation: neck, arms and legs. Remarkably, his sculpt seems to be entirely new. His braces are sculpted, not just painted on which is impressive given how often toy companies try to reuse parts. His paint applications are clean and there’s no slop, surprising given how irregular the design is. His eyes are the weirdest part. They look like they could be either green reflections on black, or green pupils like a cat in black eyes. His open mouth showing a single tooth seems slightly odd since the art on the packaging shows him with two fangs.

The other figure is none other than Batman himself. He’s in his Adam West 60s suit, blue and gray with a black forehead that somehow doesn’t look absurd. He’s almost identical to the Batman that came packed with Metamorpho with a new arm. The heads may be different but it’s too subtle to tell.

The only difference is his right arm and what he’s holding. It’s not really a batarang, it’s too big. Maybe like a batclub. It’s big, bulky, black and red and shaped like a bat. Articulation is the standard four points. The paint on the face is a little sloppy though, with a patch of blue showing through on his chin.


Someone working at Mattel must be a big fan of B’Wana Beast, since this is the fourth toy he’s gotten from Mattel in the last year. Prior to this, I’m not sure he’d ever gotten a figure. The Batman feels a little off, his weapon doesn’t seem to make any sense to me. I don’t see how this set would appeal to kids or collectors really. It’s a half-naked guy and a Batman holding a slightly larger batarang. Not the most exciting set in the world.

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Written by jestergoblin

December 31st, 2009 at 12:12 am

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