LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Boxer (8805)

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LEGO and sports always seems like a slightly off combination to me – especially after the LEGO NBA line got released just as I was beginning to stop buying LEGO sets almost a decade ago. But including a handful of sports-themed figures in the collectible minifigure line makes a lot of sense. These guys might not be able to support an entire line, but they work perfectly as some sports-themed super villain troupe!

The Boxer’s fancy footwork and lightning-fast fists have earned him fans all over the world – but his biggest fan of all is the Boxer! He’s convinced that he’ll be the best professional prize fighter in the world one day, and his current winning streak suggests that he just might be right.

The Boxer has defeated every opponent he’s faced in the ring so far, and he’s always looking for the next big challenge. He was even hoping to box a kangaroo until he was told that was only something that happened in cartoons. He’s convinced that if science would just invent the perfect cloning machine, he could finally box against the one person who could give him a tough match: himself!

The Boxer is the latest addition to the LEGO Sports world. Bare chested and wearing red athletic shorts, the figure has some great paintwork on the torso and legs. The belt continues onto the waist, while the red and gold shorts look great. The painted knees help the look since they wrap about the leg so the figure doesn’t just have solid red legs!

Instead of having an accessory like the Cheerleader’s pompoms, the Boxer’s hands have been replaced with a brand new hand piece – boxing gloves! Bright red, the gloves look great. There’s enough bulk to them so they actually look bigger than normal hands, but not so much so they’re oversized. LEGO made the right choice in making them look kind of simple, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw these down the road as something like mittens for another winter-themed set.

To make up for a lack of accessories, the Boxer’s head is double sided. I still can’t get over how great of an idea this is for LEGO. The smug face is the Boxer as he enters the ring. Smirking with his golden mouth guard in place, the face wouldn’t be out of place for a LEGO James Bond villain. The high cheekbones remind me of the Karate Master.

The other side of the face is after the fight and it’s obvious this guy lost. The squiggly mouth of defeat, the massive black eye and the cowing eyebrows all tell a great story.

Besides the display stand, the only other accessory included is his sparring helmet. Cast in red, it matches his gloves and shorts perfectly. The design looks good and is unlike any other LEGO helmet ever released and kind of reminds me of Magneto’s helmet in a weird way.

When trying to find the Boxer blind bagged, the best part to feel for are his gloves. He’s the only torso piece that feels different from the rest in the series. As a figure, the boxer is pretty decent. The gloves look great and both faces tell stories. I hope LEGO will rerelease this figure in blue down the line so I can get a Rock’em Sock’em Robots fight going on. He’s a great figure and I like him far more than I ever expected.

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September 2nd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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