LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Cavewoman (8805)

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Sometimes I don’t understand LEGO. I know they have plenty of dinosaur sculpts but it seems like they don’t want to have some Cavemen versus Dinosaurs theme. Maybe they think it’s too unrealistic? But then I don’t know how they could explain the Adventurers Dinosaur line.

While the Caveman is trying to build new inventions, the Cave Woman is the one who actually gets all the practical things done. She smashes rocks to make tools, creates clothing out of hides and skins, chases off big meat-eaters and assembles clever traps for catching supper using sticks, stones and bits of shells.

Despite having a bigger brain, the Cave Woman is very fond of her dim-witted mate. Recently, she’s been thinking about doing some inventing herself, perhaps starting with a written language and a stone-based calendar system. Maybe then she’ll finally be able to get the Caveman to remember his own name…not to mention her birthday!

I love it when LEGO continues themes within the collectible minifigures line. The Universal Monsters were a lovely addition (and I’m still hoping for an Invisible Man), but now my LEGO Caveman isn’t alone because there is a Cavewoman! Blatantly modeled after Pebbles from the Flintstones, this figure looks amazing.

Wearing some roughly sewn together furs and skins, her costume is much more elaborate, going as far as including fur trim on her midriff bearing top that wraps around her back. Around her neck hangs a pointy black stone that reminds me of hematite, while her bare stomach is simple with some well placed brown that gives her both a belly button and hips.

Her legs continue the patch-worth attire, but I can’t tell if they’re supposed to be a skirt or shorts. The paint continues onto the side of her legs too, making her applications much better than the Caveman.

The face is beautifully done and continues LEGO’s trend of offering up as many different kinds of faces as possible. Her lips are small and light pink, with just enough color to accent her feminine qualities. Her right eyebrow is raised in a great expression of “you did what?” while her right cheek is scuffed with a scratch. The scratch bothers me the most because it stops allowing her face to work as any generic sort of face. I hope LEGO releases it down the road unchanged except for the removal of the mark.

Accessories are a decent assortment. The red hair piece is new with shaggy and wild hair and a single spot where her small bone accessory can be placed in her pony tail. The long and messy bangs end up covering the figure’s expressive eyebrows. The other main accessory is a dark brown club, identical to the Caveman’s (and a scaled down version of the ones the Trolls got). A display stand is also included.

When trying to find the figure in the package, feel for the spikes on her club or for the squishy hair piece. The Cavewoman is a great figure and full of flavor. The paint applications show just how far these figures have come in the last few years (and definitely help justify the 50% increase in price since Wave 2). She’s a blast when paired up with the Caveman but I just wish LEGO would rerelease some of their dinosaur figures because making her hunt down Dino Suit Guy just seems wrong.

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September 12th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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