LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Egyptian Queen (8805)

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It seems like LEGO likes visiting Egypt every now and then. Of course, the regular LEGO sets are great for building magical fortresses with undead warriors and deadly traps, but it means the plainer side of Egypt gets ignored. But not anymore because now the Pharaoh has someone to spend time with!

The Egyptian Queen is used to the finer things in life, but don’t think for a moment that it’s made her soft! She may have a golden throne, banquets five times a day and legions of loyal servants to obey her every command, but she also knows all about tax codes, crop rotation and pyramid construction regulations, not to mention the ancient game of politics.

The Egyptian Queen loves to disguise herself as a commoner and listen to what her subjects are saying about her. Of course, since everybody knows what she looks like (she’s on all the coins and statues, after all), they’re always careful to say only nice things. It isn’t too hard, since for an all-powerful sovereign, she’s really not too bad!

The Egyptian Queen is a fantastic figure to be included in the collectible minifigures line. Her look is unique; she matches up with two other figures released so far and most importantly looks stunning with the extra paint applications. Wearing a sleeveless white dress, the Queen is beautifully detailed. The gold and turquoise falcon pectoral around her neck is an obvious homage of Horus, while the wing motif continues on her belt. I love that the wing design matches almost perfectly with the winged mummy figures.

Instead of legs, her lower torso is made up of a sloping tile and looks great. An ornate gem hangs in front, while the bottom trim is stunning accented with small feathers – possibly Ma’ats. The head is brand new as well with the Queen having a slight smile on her lips. Her eyes though has brilliant turquoise eye shadow, originally used at the time as both a way to reduce glare from the hot sands and double as insect repellant.

The hairpiece is new as well with it being a large black piece of very straight hair. Running across the forehead above the bangs is a golden strip designed to look like a winged scarab. Her other accessory is a green snake which seems rather odd given how much of her clothing seems to match the designs of Ma’at. In Egyptian mythology, Apep was a dark god represented by the snake who constantly was at odds with Ma’at. But maybe the snake shows that she is in control of the chaos. A display stand is also included.

When it comes to identifying the figure, the easiest way is to feel for the sloped dress piece. No other figure in the wave has it, so it’s a breeze to find. As a figure, I love that LEGO is offering up more ancient world styled figures. With the Pharaoh’s Quest line currently on shelves, the synergy is amazing between the lines.

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September 19th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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