LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Evil Dwarf (8805)

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I still can’t believe that people were unhappy with the Fantasy Castle line from LEGO. Thankfully, LEGO has made use of these collectible minifigures to keep the line alive in unexpected ways by offering unique figures that give a taste of what could have been. So remember that when you buy Kingdoms sets – those could have been Elves versus Evil Dwarves!

Whatever you do, don’t make fun of the Evil Dwarf’s beard! You can tell him his armor is squeaky, his axe is rusty or his iron helmet is totally unfashionable for modern dwarf society, and he’ll just grin and laugh. But say one word about his prized whiskers and you’d better hope you can run away fast!

Ever since he was a lad in the deep-down Dwarven Kingdom, the Evil Dwarf has been proud of his bristling black beard. It turned him into quite the bully! Imagine his surprise when he discovered that not everybody on the surface respected fine follicle growth. Now the Evil Dwarf sells his formidable battle skills to whoever offers him the most gold – as long as they never, ever belittle the beard!

The Evil Dwarf is pretty much a repaint of the old dwarves but it’s amazing how a change of color can change a figure. Once all the accessories have been removed, the Evil Dwarf looks amazing; especially considering that half of this figure won’t usually even be seen! The short brown legs make the figure a head shorter, just like the Small Clown and Gnome. The torso is beautifully decorated with copper bolts, illuminated dragon wings and a stunning dwarven buckle. Under the black leather vest, intricately detailed scale mail is painted.

The face is amazing as well. The thick black eyebrows and beard cover most of the face, while the dark eyes stare out from sunken holes. In a great twist, the figure’s mouth is frowning.

Accessories are where this figure really shines though. The black display base is barely worth mentioning, but everything else is incredible. The thick, black beard (which is totally different from Blackbeard’s) is the same old dwarf beard. It’s pulled together in the back while the beard is split into two parts. The helmet is dark gray and decorated with elaborate “wings,” it definitely puts the Viking’s headgear to shame.

But that’s not all because the Evil Dwarf also comes fully armed! The shield is the simple circular design and painted black and copper with a dragon’s face on the front. The double sided axe is made from a rod and two dark gray blades, when combined they look great.

When trying to find the Evil Dwarf in the bag, feel for the wings of the helmet. As a figure, I absolutely love this guy. I know I’m horribly biased towards fantasy themes but the idea of a second kingdom of dwarves in the LEGO-verse that might team up with the orcs and undead makes me excited. Now we just need some Dark Elves.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 5 (8805)
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Evil Dwarf | Boxer | Zookeeper | Royal Guard
Gladiator | Cavewoman | Lumberjack | Ice Fisherman
Egyptian Queen | Graduate | Gangster | Snowboarder Guy

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Hockey Player | Punk Rocker | Crazy Scientist | Sailor
Figure Skater | Musketeer | Kimono Girl | Werewolf

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Gorilla Suit Guy | Space Villain | Elf | Sumo Wrestler
Fisherman | Samurai Warrior | Mummy | Hula Dancer
Space Alien | Tennis Player | Rapper | Pilot
Snowboarder | Tribal Chief | Baseball Player | Race Car Driver

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (8684)
The Witch | Pop Star | Karate Master | Spartan Warrior
Pharaoh | Vampire | Surfer | Lifeguard
Mime | Explorer | Skier | Mariachi
Ringmaster | Disco Dude | Weight Lifter | Traffic Cop

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Cheerleader | Caveman | Clown | Tribal Hunter
Robot | Zombie | Ninja | Spaceman
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August 31st, 2011 at 12:00 am

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