LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Fitness Instructor (8805)

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Not every LEGO figure knocks it out of the park. For every amazing Gorilla Guy or Zombie, you sometimes get stuck with a Deep Sea Diver or a Figure Skater. But even when LEGO makes something I’m not crazy about, there’s usually something that impresses me still.

The Fitness Instructor has devoted herself to one thing and one thing only: getting people in great shape! With the help of a boom-box full of energetic workout tunes and a wall full of degrees in aerobics, yoga and more, she leads fitness sessions and promotes good health wherever she goes.

With her endless energy and enthusiasm, the Fitness Instructor makes exercise look like so much fun that you just can’t resist joining in. But if you do, be prepared for the workout of a lifetime, because she’ll keep going and going long after everybody else is ready to drop from exhaustion!

I’m hoping that my bias here isn’t simply because I’m a guy, because I adored the Nurse and ended up liking the female Surfer more than I expected but there’s something about the Fitness Instructor that just leaves me unexcited. Of all the LEGO figures, she’s almost identical to the Pop Star with the exception of paint applications. The bright pink spandex suit is appropriately 80s and so eye-meltingly bad that I can’t help but be reminded of Joan of Arc from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

The paint does a great job on the figure showing off the female form by adding some black accents around the waist. The spandex is bright pink with geometric shapes covered in squiggles. The cyan leggings and lime green tube socks clash horribly – and not in a clash so bad it’s good way. The yellow paint doesn’t provide enough coverage over the pink plastic, so the exposed skin ends up looking orange. It’s not LEGO’s best attempt.

The face is a new female face that isn’t overdone with makeup. A lime green headband is around her forehead that matches her hideous socks, but the expression on the face it great. It’s such a false smile off to the side that lets you know she’s repulsed by something (or someone) and is trying her best not to be put off.

All of the Fitness Instructor’s accessories come from other figures. Her hair, long and flowing as it is, is identical to the Pop Singer’s. Her boombox, now in pastel purple, is otherwise the same as the Rapper’s. As for the black display stand, it’s the same as always.

As a figure, she’s isn’t bad. If you want a hideous reminder of what fashion used to be, well, she’s great. But if you want a LEGO figure to take part in your intergalactic medieval pirate battles, she’s not going to fit in. The head is nice, but the headband makes her much harder to repurpose.

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August 29th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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