LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Gangster (8805)

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In the LEGO Universe, it has taken years to get guns that aren’t modified laser guns. Aside from the muskets in Pirates and the revolvers and rifles that started out in the Western theme, LEGO has always avoided modern guns. So I was shocked when the LEGO Tommy Gun game out, but I’m even more surprised by this figure.

The Gangster is a low-down, sneaky, rotten crook. Impeccably dressed in his pinstripe suit and hat, his trick violin case always at his side, he sneaks around the city setting up scams, bank robberies and protection rackets wherever he can…or at least, that’s the plan.

The problem with being a no-good criminal in LEGO CITY is that the place is just chock full of police stations. You can hardly turn a corner without running into a friendly officer or three out on patrol. So as much as the Gangster may try to make his fortune through unlawful acts, he usually finds himself spending a lot more time fleeing than committing felonies!

The LEGO Gangster reminds me a lot of the Graduate in a weird way. He’s just an older man wearing a pinstriped black suit. The torso is painted simply with some extra lines, while the white tie and pocket fold add some needed details. It’s simple, but it works.

The face is new is an older man with graying eyebrows showing off a terrifyingly wide smile. Lines on his face near the eyes and cheek show more of his true age, while his creepy pencil thin mustache is unsettling. This is clearly a guy you wouldn’t want to trust.

A black fedora rounds out the suit and it looks good. The hat is the same as the Cowboy’s, but a change in color and setting really makes it feel unique. A brand new piece is included in this set though, the LEGO violin case. It’s a large piece and comes up to a minifigure’s neck, but it looks good. The only weird thing is there aren’t any LEGO violins! Instead, like all gangsters, a gun is hidden in the case. Sadly, the LEGO Tommy gun doesn’t fit so only a single revolver is included. Also, the Punk Rocker’s guitar doesn’t fit in the case either. A display stand is included as well.

The notion of a gangster hiding a gun in a violin case was first seen in the film, The Doorway to Hell made in 1930, which introduced many of the classic “gangster” tropes still seen in film today. As a figure, this one is pretty decent but not as exciting as you would expect. Maybe I’m just getting old, but the notion of a LEGO figure hiding a gun to mow down other figures is downright morbid. Besides, LEGO City is a police state – who would be dumb enough to steal?

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