LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Gladiator (8805)

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I’ve got to hand it to LEGO, they’re been putting my love of art history to better use than any other toy line I know of. I mean, I got to ramble on about Egyptian Pharaoh attire once already and now they’re letting me go on about on about the painting Pollice Verso and Roman gladiators.

LEGO is awesome.

The Gladiator has trained all his life with his sword and shield, and there are few more skilled at battling warriors and wild beasts in the arena. He knows it is his duty to thrill the audience with an action-packed display of fighting prowess, and he has proven himself a champion over and over again.

But sometimes, deep down inside, the Gladiator wonders if there might be other kinds of entertainment out there. Something that isn’t quite so hot and tiring. Something where you never get poked with the pointy end of a trident. If only something like that existed, maybe – just maybe – he might find himself an easier line of work!

As the Collectible Minifigures line continues to expand, it seems to me that someone at LEGO is thinking of great ways to create the ultimate fighter championship. We’ve got a boxer, a ninja, a Viking, a Spartan, a Sumo wrestler and a samurai now. It’s a wide assortment that is made all the better by the inclusion of the Gladiator. Technically a murmillo, the Gladiator is one of those collectible figures that really blows away the other figures in the series.

The minifigure is astoundingly detailed. The strong muscles are visible under the straps of leather attached to the armor. His stomach is wrapped in a leather cintus and beautifully executed. The really impressive part is the manica painted on his right arm. Several overlapping pieces of bronze are painted to protect the Gladiator’s sword arm from opposing blows.

The face is brand new and looks great as any kind of unshaven, angry man. The angry eyebrows and grimacing face provide a lot of life, while the stubble covers the rest of the face. He could be a pirate, a medieval warrior or an intergalactic space pirate with ease.

Instead of just getting some tan legs and calling it quits, the figure’s legs are decorated with a leather skirt emblazoned with bronze buttons. The knees are exposed, and the paint wraps around the side of the legs too. The feet are shown to be large and covered, a necessity in gladiatorial combat for both protection from opponents and his own shield.

The figure alone greatly impresses me, but LEGO kept going and included some amazing accessories. The new sword is a gladius, a shorter sword that gives gladiators their name. The round shield has been seen twice with these figures but works well cast in dark gray. But the big accessory is the helmet that gives murmillos their name. A bronze helmet that is unlike any other LEGO helmet is quite impressive. The high crest and broad rim provided protection from blows, while the grated face mask reminds me a bit of a culendar. Also included is the display stand.

When trying to find the figure, feel for the helmet. Getting this figure just really shows how much I love the idea of ancient history LEGO sets. Screw the Atlantis theme – set it 2500 years ago. Now that we’re starting to get some actual Egyptians along with the Spartan and Gladiator, I just really want LEGO to jump straight into it so I can finally get a LEGO Zeus.

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Gladiator | Cavewoman | Lumberjack | Ice Fisherman
Egyptian Queen | Graduate | Gangster | Snowboarder Guy

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September 9th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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