LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Graduate (8805)

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Usually LEGO is on the ball when it comes to releasing figures in a timely fashion. The holiday village sets always come out in early October to be on shelves in time for the holiday season. With the exception of the Christmas Tree set I got in the middle of July, this may be awful timing. Releasing a LEGO figure in graduation robes in September instead of May?

The Graduate loved everything about college. The classes, the teachers, and even the homework and the late nights of studying…it’s been an amazing journey, and it’s all led to this single long-awaited, triumphant moment of his name being called on Graduation Day.

The Graduate would like to thank his family, his professors and his friends. He couldn’t have done it without them! And now that he stands here in his robe and graduation cap, clutching his precious, hard-earned diploma in his hand, he looks out at all the people watching him and one single thought fills his mind: oh man, now he’s got to go find a job!

The University Graduate may be one of the more “boring” figures released in the collectible minifigure series, but he makes a lot of sense. Not too many people would want a graduation themed LEGO set, so making a single figure is a nice bit of fun – even if he is a bit bland.

Wearing plain gray trousers and a black sweater pulled over a white shirt with a black and red tie, the Graduate would fit right in any City theme without turning heads. He’s remarkably plain and that’s quite impressive. But what is even more impressive is the face.

A wide tooth-bearing smile, the LEGO Graduate looks like he’s filled with equal parts elation and dread. The smile is forced, while his far too excited eyes look to be holding back the desire to flee immediately. Maybe his loans are too much or maybe he’s suddenly realizing that majoring in Art History isn’t the most useful of all skills. But what I absolutely adore about this figure is simple: his smile is identical to the Mime’s.

Is LEGO making some snide commentary about how recent graduates will only be able to find work as Mimes? Part of me hopes so.

The real graduation look is completed thanks to multiple accessories. The robe is a special cape-like piece made of fabric that takes forever to stay folded down. But once in place, it works well. The cap is a brand new piece and looks great with the tassel permanently affixed on a corner. A degree is also included; it is just a white 2×2 tile with “Certificate of Graduation” painted on it. A display stand is also included like always.

Finding this figure is a bit of a doozy, the trick is to feel for the tile – either his hat or his degree since they’re about the same size. As a figure, this guy is decent. If you take away his cap and gown, he fits right into a LEGO city without any issues. With the cap and gown (and the Mime), he tells a great story about where education and the job market currently are. Okay, so maybe that isn’t such a great story.

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September 21st, 2011 at 12:00 am

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