LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Lizard Man (8805)

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I’ve got to start this off by giving a big shout out to PrfkTear for letting me know where to find the latest series of the collectible LEGO minifigures. So if you’re in the Boston area, check out the store Five Below for the latest wave – especially now that Toys “R” Us is limiting sales of these figures.

The Lizard Man lives to trample cities beneath his big green feet. Of course, since he’s really just a minifigure of normal size wearing a lizard suit, that’s not as easy as it sounds…so instead, he spends hours building his own meticulously detailed miniature buildings and then stomping all over them while making roaring noises.

When your greatest dream is to be a giant monster, it’s tough to find new hobbies. The Lizard Man sometimes thinks about becoming a professional wrestler, but the Gorilla Suit Guy never writes back to any of his challenges. On the other hand, rumor has it that the Super Wrestler would be happy to take him up on the offer anytime!

Like always, series 5 are all blind bagged and continue the simple fact that LEGO struck gold when it comes to these surprisingly detailed minifigures. New parts, pieces and paint make the line easily my favorite toy line currently released. The bag is metallic and except for a few dots on the bottom seam, they’re all identical so identifying figures is a real challenge. Lizard Man has an advantage that his tail piece is very unique so you can feel for that through the packaging.

Lizard Man obviously should be paired up with Gorilla Suit Guy because he’s just another guy in a suit! Whether you think of him as being Godzilla, Reptar or even Barney – the concept is the same, he’s a LEGO figure wearing a costume and it works beautifully.

The figure is a lighter than normal shade of green for the most part. The only paint application is his yellow scaled belly that looks pretty good and reminds me of the unreleased Seatron figures. The figure’s head is a smiling guy who looks tired but genuinely loves what he does. The head is delightfully normal but unique, so it could easily be transported to any other LEGO theme without issue.

The accessories are what really make the figure though. The black display stand is included again (I’m still really wishing they would make these in different colors), but the real accessories are the helmet and tail. The tail piece is actually like a cape and goes around the figure’s neck. The underside is textured like his stomach is painted, and the spikes going down the back are perfectly executed. The helmet is the lizard head baring its teeth. The open mouth is similar to Hammerhead Warrior, but instead shows off the human eyes underneath. It’s so well done and gives the impression this is really a guy in a suit.

In many ways this figure is downright silly but I can’t help but love him. Need a monster for your LEGO movie studio line? He’s ready to take that role. Looking to create a budget version of Godzilla versus King Kong? LEGO now lets you make that too! If you just want a giant lizard monster, then grab a plain black LEGO head and you’ve got a dinosaur-alien. It’s hard to top that kind of versatility in a single figure.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 5 (8805)
Lizard Man | Detective | Small Clown | Fitness Instructor
Evil Dwarf | Boxer | Zookeeper | Royal Guard
Gladiator | Cavewoman | Lumberjack | Ice Fisherman
Egyptian Queen | Graduate | Gangster | Snowboarder Guy

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 4 (8804)
Artist | Street Skater | Hazmat Guy | Frankenstein’s Monster
Soccer Player | Gnome | Surfer Girl | Viking
Hockey Player | Punk Rocker | Crazy Scientist | Sailor
Figure Skater | Musketeer | Kimono Girl | Werewolf

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 3 (8803)
Gorilla Suit Guy | Space Villain | Elf | Sumo Wrestler
Fisherman | Samurai Warrior | Mummy | Hula Dancer
Space Alien | Tennis Player | Rapper | Pilot
Snowboarder | Tribal Chief | Baseball Player | Race Car Driver

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (8684)
The Witch | Pop Star | Karate Master | Spartan Warrior
Pharaoh | Vampire | Surfer | Lifeguard
Mime | Explorer | Skier | Mariachi
Ringmaster | Disco Dude | Weight Lifter | Traffic Cop

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 1 (8683)
Cheerleader | Caveman | Clown | Tribal Hunter
Robot | Zombie | Ninja | Spaceman
Super Wrestler | Forestman | Skater | Nurse
Demolition Dummy | Magician | Cowboy | Deep Sea Diver

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August 22nd, 2011 at 12:00 am

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