LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Lumberjack (8805)

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Know what LEGO has really been lacking all these years? Rednecks! Or maybe Canadians. Either way, LEGO felt the need to provide a figure wearing some serious flannel.

The rugged Lumberjack is a true man of the outdoors. He builds his own log cabins, tends his own campfires, cooks his own stews and brews his own maple syrup. The only times he ever goes back to the big city are when he needs to drop off a load of freshly-cut lumber or buy a new cap because his last one got eaten by a bear.

Although the Lumberjack is strong of arm and staunch of heart, he isn’t always the best at aiming trees the right way when he chops them down with his shiny axe. Half the time, they end up crashing right down on top of him – so it’s probably a good thing he’s also pretty hard of head!

The LEGO Lumberjack isn’t a bad figure at all, but it’s amazing how plain he feels in comparison to some of the other figures in this series. He’s a guy in a red flannel shirt and a pair of jeans, nothing too fancy but enough to make it work. The light earth blue legs work fine and have no paint applications, but the torso is pretty impressive.

The red flannel print looks pretty good, but suffers from the white paint over red plastic issue that has plagued several figures in this line. The white and green lines though are intricate and the buttons and pocket patterns look really good. In a rare move, the Lumberjack’s arms are also painted with the pattern, along with the backside of his figure. On his chest, a name seems to be patched on in green, and looks somewhat like “Red,” which makes me secretly hope it’s a reference to Red Green.

The face is new but rather generic. Some stubble on the face in light brown, the open mouth smile and some wrinkles around his eyes show some age. It’s a fine head that could be easily used in almost any LEGO theme and those are the kind I like to see.

To finish out the outfit, a newly designed baseball cap is included. Identical to the Rapper’s in terms of sculpt; this trucker hat is dark red with a beaver painted on the front. It’s a fitting totem animal for a lumberjack!

The other accessory is a brand new LEGO axe. This one has paint applications on the edge and head, giving it the classic silver and red look. It looks great for either chopping down trees or chopping up victims! A display stand is present as always.

When trying to find the figure, you can try feeling for the baseball cap (but don’t confuse it with the Detective’s hat) or his axe, otherwise it’s a shot in the dark. The LEGO Lumberjack continues the imaginary theme in my head of LEGO Monty Python characters. After the Explorer who I think looks suspiciously like an older John Cleese, I can’t help but hope now that LEGO will provide us with a pet shop owner (to go along with the giant pet shop set of course) with a dead parrot. Either way, if you’re looking for a crazy, axe-wielding LEGO maniac or just a guy working in the woods, this figure fills both spots perfectly.

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September 14th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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