LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Royal Guard (8805)

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For years, LEGO didn’t release any green bricks because they didn’t want children building modern weapons of war like tanks. So it meant the only green LEGO bricks I had growing up were plants, plates and the occasional oddity of a brick. Either way, there were very rare. Fast forward two decades and not only is LEGO now releasing green bricks in droves, they’re also releasing modern military figures!

The steadfast Royal Guard is utterly devoted to his job as a protector of the palace and the royal family. In rain or shine, in hot summer sun or freezing winter night, he can always be found standing at his post at perfect attention, staring straight ahead with his tall, furry hat on his head and his ceremonial rifle in place at his shoulder.

No matter how much you try to distract the Royal Guard, he’ll never even blink an eye. You can tell him jokes, dress up in silly costumes and even try to tickle him, but he won’t move at all. He and his fellow guards are silent, stalwart sentinels, never uttering a word aloud – and that’s exactly what he’ll tell you if you ask him!

The Royal Guard is clearly based on the soldiers who stand sentry in London, and while LEGO didn’t exactly copy the look they went as about as far as possible given the limitations of the LEGO figure. With simple black legs, the torso is the only part of the body that is painted. The classic red coat is decorated with brass buttons and a massive buckle. The collar is black with leaves painted on, while a white belt goes across the front.

The belt is a bit of an issue because LEGO, while excellent in many things, still hasn’t gotten it together when it comes to painting white over red plastic. The belt and trim all come off looking pink, the same issue we saw with the Racecar driver. The face is stern and staring forward with harsh eyebrows. The chinstrap is permanently affixed through paint as well, giving the figure an odd looking beard if you remove the helmet.

The Bearskin hat is a great LEGO piece. Historically worn by grenadiers, the LEGO version is a spitting image and as soon as the figure puts on the headgear, there’s no mistaking what this figure is. For a weapon, the Royal Guard comes with a brown LEGO rifle. It looks good, but there isn’t a way for the figure to look right holding it idly. The figure would look best if he could hold it by the handle and upright, but the trigger gets in the way. A display stand is also included.

As a figure, the Royal Guard isn’t bad at all, but there isn’t much here that excites me. Redcoats aren’t anything new when it comes to the LEGO-verse given the color choices of the Imperials, so getting a modern take could allow for some fancy differentiation in attire. But the paint issues on the torso combined with the fact that this is a LEGO figure meant to simply be standing around doesn’t make me crazy about him.

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