LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Small Clown (8805)

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I’m torn when it comes to this LEGO figure. On one hand, I absolutely hate clowns. On the other hand, he comes with quite possibly my favorite LEGO accessory in a long, long time.

“Hey! Did somebody here order a PIE?” The Small Clown is totally serious about making people laugh. He’s memorized every joke book in the library, subscribes to several clowning magazines, and has a graduate degree in Advanced Mirth from Clown University. His philosophy is that if you’re not laughing, he’s not doing his job right.

The way he sees it, he may be just a small clown, but he’s got really big shoes to fill. All of the famous and beloved clowns of yesteryear are counting on him to uphold their classic traditions of hilarity, and he doesn’t want to let them down. That’s why he rehearses hard to have the very best and funniest clown routines around. Plus, it lets him hit people with pies!

The Small Clown is probably friends with the Clown from series 1 and I’ve got to admit that this is one well done figure. Utilizing the short legs like the Gnome, he’s about a head shorter than the average LEGO figure. The color scheme is wonderfully garish with a bright red jacket with hideous yellow and blue trim to match his shirt and tie, while the bright green pants clash delightfully.

The clown’s face is grinning with plenty of paint applications. The bright red nose makes the third time a collectible LEGO minifigure has even had a nose, it’s just him, the first clown and the werewolf!

To complete the outfit, Small Clown comes with a bright blue bowler hat with a flower painted on it. It looks good and brings the entire outfit together.

The other accessories include the black display stand and a pie. Yes, a LEGO pie! Instead of being the painted circular tile like the pizza pies of old, LEGO created a whole new sculpt and it looks exceptional. The fluted crust, the dollop of cream on the top and even a hole in the bottom for a figure to hold it – it all looks amazing and will be right at home in my Winter Village Bakery.

This figure seems to be one of the more common figures in the wave since I ended up getting multiple copies of the small clown. Normally, I would be unhappy about having a clown army but with the recent news about DC and LEGO teaming up once again, I’m thrilled to have an army of clowns for the Joker to boss around and an abundance of cakes for my winter village!

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August 26th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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