LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Snowboard Guy (8805)

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Maybe LEGO thinks snow-themed sets don’t sell well when they aren’t set on Hoth, but it seems like someone at LEGO really wants a whole theme about skiing, snowboarding and sledding. At least winter is coming, so these figures will make some sense on the shelf.

The Snowboarder Guy knows everything there is to know about wind speed, slope angle and exactly how much wax to put on your board for the smoothest ride, and he puts his knowledge to good use by being the very best snowboard tester in the world.

If you’ve come up with a brand-new board design, the Snowboarder Guy is just the guy to check it out. He’ll put it through its paces with an amazing series of snowboarding moves, and finish up by telling you just how it compares to all the other models out there. Better hope you’ve made a good one, though, because he never holds back with his opinion!

LEGO released a new Snowboarder minifigure in series 5. Much like the female Snowboarder, this guy is ready to go outdoors. The simple dark gray pants and matching gloves look warm enough, while the blue torso is painted up to look like a puffy, blue jacket. It’s simple in its execution, but works really well. The paintwork on the zipper is exceptional.

The face is new and shows off someone wearing snow goggles. I’m assuming it’s a male because there isn’t any coloring on the lips. The mouth is smiling and showing off teeth, while the brown goggles look pretty good. Like always, the strap is only on the front of the face and the back of the head is blank.

For accessories, the Snowboarder comes with the exact same hat as the Skier, but in navy. It looks good and works with the color theme of the figure. The other big accessory is the snowboard itself. A little larger than the minifigure, the board is the exact same mold as before but has new paint applications. Some generic circles and stripes decorate both ends, while a white mountain outline makes up most of the empty space. Oddly, the board is labeled 48 mm, but the board is only 40 millimeters long! And like always, there is a black display stand. I really wish it was in white for this figure, because then it would kind of make sense.

As a minifigure, this guy will look great in my ever-growing winter village display. The jacket piece is great for civilians, while the goggled-head could easily double in some weird future world, like outer space or underwater. This is a fine figure, but no where near essential. If you want to find him blind bagged, feel for his board. If you want to ignore him, feel for his board.

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September 26th, 2011 at 12:22 am

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