LEGO Minifigure Series 5 Review: Zookeeper (8805)

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I don’t know what it is about LEGO animals that makes me adore them so much. Maybe it is because they’re stylized just enough to always be adorable, or maybe it’s just a side effect of growing up a farm. But every since the original LEGO monkey all those years ago, I’ve always been partial to them.

The Zookeeper has loved animals ever since she first visited the monkey house at the zoo as a small child. From cats and dogs to elephants and ostriches, she’s studied every species and knows all the healthiest foods to feed them and the best habitats and activities to keep them happy.

Living and working in LEGO CITY, the Zookeeper has had to look after some pretty strange creatures in her career. Of course, there are the usual camels and bats and colorful jungle frogs, but nobody ever warned her about dragons and rock monsters, not to mention what that one team of adventurers brought back from their expedition to Dino Island!

The Zookeeper is the latest female addition to the LEGO universe, but if you see her by herself, you probably wouldn’t call her that. Wearing a khaki uniform covered in pockets, her design is very similar to the Explorer. If it were for the golden “Zoo” patch above her left breast, you wouldn’t know at all. A single golden key hangs from her belt, while the figure’s torso is painted with a touch of black to give her a more feminine figure.

The face reminds me a lot of the Nurse with her warm eyes and half smile. A beauty mark is on her left cheek which adds some character. It’s a good face and would fit in any LEGO theme since her pink lips don’t seem too make-up-y. For a hairpiece, the Zookeeper comes with the new brown hair with a ponytail, just like the Nurse and Tennis Player.

Accessories are where this figure really shines. In addition to her hair and display stand, the Zookeeper comes with the same yellow banana as the Gorilla Suit Guy. But the banana is nothing without the latest LEGO animal – the chimp! Note, he’s not a monkey because he has no tail.

A single black brick, the chimp is posed with one arm above his head and the other resting on his thigh. Sitting on the ground with a smile on his face, the chimp looks adorable. In classic LEGO fashion, the space between the chimp’s head and raised hand is exactly large enough to hold a LEGO rod! For paint, the face, mouth and eyes are all painted perfectly though the large, white eyes look oddly vacant. The bottom of the chimp is built so he can sit on pegs without issues.

When trying to find the Zookeeper in a bag, check for the banana and the chimp, both of them are mighty unique feeling pieces. The Zookeeper by herself isn’t terribly exciting. The face and hair and decent additions in the ever growing world of LEGO faces and the body is perfectly painted, but it’s all stuff that’s been shown before. The real reason to grab this set is for the chimp. He’s a perfect LEGO animal that is so well designed I’m still impressed.

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Gladiator | Cavewoman | Lumberjack | Ice Fisherman
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Figure Skater | Musketeer | Kimono Girl | Werewolf

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Snowboarder | Tribal Chief | Baseball Player | Race Car Driver

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September 5th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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