Toy Review: Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League: Batman & Ocean Master

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I don’t know who is behind the character choices for the Brave and the Bold but some of these already seem to be C list, tops. B’Wana Beast and now Ocean Master? Who is going to be next? Even my knowledge of the DC Universe isn’t that deep.

Batman ventures to Atlantis to help Aquaman stop his evil half brother, Ocean Master.

Batman is wearing his scuba gear, because evidently he can’t breathe underwater (but he can breathe in space) which means he’s got a few new parts. Batman’s face is covered with some sort of breathing apparatus which gives him a different look and shows Mattel isn’t just doing things like “Hydro Assault Batman.” From the front, his torso looks standard but the back reveals the truth: Batman’s got a propulsion system and ditched the cape. After years of gym courses about swimming safety, I’ve learned baggy clothes don’t make swimming any easier.

Batman’s got the big four for articulation: arms, waist and neck. His paint looks fine but he’s got one problem: he can’t stand. One of Batman’s legs is fine, but the left leg is the culprit. Since many of these figures don’t have defined feet, it’s hard to make them stable. So Batman ends up top heavy and collapses under his own weight.

Aquaman’s half-brother is the other inclusion in the pack, Ocean Master. With a less than impressive name, he’s a great looking figure. His sculpt is excellent and is heavy on the under the seas motif. Ocean Master’s helm is shaped like a fish, while his cape (or hair) are shaped like three tentacles. His arms have great looking suction cups on the insides and his clawed feet allow for fantastic stability. Even better is that all of his details are sculpted in – not just painted. Even the circles on his chest are sculpted in.

Ocean Master’s paint is impressive with him sporting green on green eyes, golden details and red highlights. Most impressive are his hair-tentacles which feature purple highlights. Slightly less impressive though is his articulation. His helm and beard prevent much movement from his neck, while his waist is limited by his tentacles. His arms maintain full movement.

As a pack, it’s solid variant of Batman – seeing as I first expected him to just have a mouthpiece but the new back was pleasant surprise. It works great though for being paired with Ocean Master, even if he is one of those villains who hasn’t mattered in decades. I mean, if you weren’t in the Justice League TV show, you don’t exist to an entire generation. I wish he came with his trident though, but for a sea-themed villain, he’s interesting looking.

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January 1st, 2010 at 12:44 am

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