Toy Review: Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League- Batman & Gorilla Grodd

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The most recent deluxe packs for Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League are starting to appear in stores and Lobsterman over at the Rumorbuster grabbed me both of them this week. But this is also the first pack of toys I’ve gotten since I’ve watched a few episodes of the TV series and boy have the rose colored glasses disappeared.

Batman dons a camo bat suit and ventures to Dinosaur Island to halt the evil plans of super simian, Gorilla Grodd.

Mattel was doing so well with the figures released in the Action League. Up until now, all of them were ‘toon accurate but if there’s one thing Mattel loves, it’s absurd Batman variants. And we’ve gotten our first one: Camo Suit Batman. This Batman is a repaint of the standard Batman pose – smug face, two fists and mid-step pose. He’s sporting the standard articulation, known as the Springfield Four over at, neck, arms and waist. But the best part of this figure isn’t the serviceable sculpt, no it has to be the paint.

Camo Suit Batman is mostly black, but the parts of him that aren’t are hideously bright green. Both of Batman’s gloves are neon green, matching his belt while the classy tiger stripes come down from the shoulders. It’s not even really camo, it’s just bright green. Oddly enough, his boots are all black.

The big part of the pack (literally) is Gorilla Grodd. Usually a Flash villain, Grodd is massive. Comically so. Just one of Grodd’s arms is bigger than all of Batman. He’s a bit smaller than the Superhero Squad mega Apocalypse. Grodd is hollow and cast in black plastic. His pose is traditionally apelike, both fits on the ground. His articulation isn’t too exciting, he’s sporting cut waist, neck, and wrists. But there are a few worthwhile variations that result from the simple fact that his shoulders are ball joints.

But Grodd also comes with the first accessory in the entire line: his mental-control helmet! It could have easily been sculpted, but this one is removable which lets Grodd go from Grodd to King Kong. The paint is clean on both Grodd and his helmet. His face is furious and it works well.

But I’ve started watching the Brave and the Bold cartoon and I’ve seen an episode with Grodd. Batman teamed up with Plastic Man (without the camo) to stop Grodd. Now I feel like the sculpting of the figures is over stylized. The barrel chests, large hands and tube feet don’t match the designs of the show. The drawings on the packages are specially done and are based off the toys, not based off stills from the shows! Of all the figures, Grodd looks the most accurate but he’s horribly out of scale. This pack is interesting and gives kids a chance to have Batman fight King Kong, so that’s always a plus (even if some people think it’s an abomination).

Written by jestergoblin

January 5th, 2010 at 12:04 am

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