Green Lantern Action League Review: Training on Oa

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The first of the Green Lantern Action League packs was hardly exciting, especially since all the figures were straight repacks. At least this one offers up on minor repaint, one repack and one previously unreleased figure.

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!

The packaging is identical to the other two packs, with the sole exception being the names listed below the figures in the front. It’s surprisingly bland with some odd green wisps and a generic in space look. At least the bubble looks cool with it being an elongated Green Lantern symbol – but it’s still not enough for me to keep the packaging sealed!

Hal Jordan is back again, but at least he’s gotten some semblance of a new look. Across Hal’s chest is either some weird battle damage or him charging up. The lime green energy reminds me of Guy Gardner’s color scheme, but the crackling application works fairly well. But it would be more interesting had we not seen the half-Blue-half-Green Lantern Hal already.

The paint suffers from some chipping as well underneath the emblem so keep an eye out when buying the figure for damage. Other than the green energy, there’s nothing new about this figure. He still moves at the waist, shoulders and neck – just like everyone else in the pack.

Tomar-Re originally befriended Hal Jordan when he first arrived on Oa. A weird cross between a bird and fish, Tomar-Re follows the classic trend of most Green Lanterns looking like a human from the neck down. His figure is identical to his wave 2 release, which is a real shame since it would have been awesome to have gotten a Black Lantern Tomar-Re!

The paint is fine and the articulation works well but there is nothing new here that hasn’t been seen before.

The final figure is actually the only brand new release – Green Lantern Sinestro. Originally made to be released in the Brave and the Bold Action League, Sinestro looks very, very dated given the older style. The old Action League look was very much tubes so Sinestro lacks any sort of muscle definition.

Sinestro’s face looks okay and shares many similarities with his White Lantern figure, but the sculpting makes him look slightly off when compared to more modern figures. At least the figure is still left handed. Though his hands look absolutely tiny in comparison to the other figures.

The paint is a mess though. I do like that Sinestro is painted so he, Tomar-Re and Hal Jordan are all wearing almost identical uniforms. But the lines are sloppy and for some reason, Sinestro is wearing a different shade of green. His white gloves are scuffed, along with the back of his head so he’s definitely a figure that needs to be inspected before buying. Sinestro’s ring is just a green circle, no design is on it.

I like the theme of this set in terms of a three-pack. Tomar-Re was the first Lantern to befriend Hal on Oa and Sinestro was originally Hal’s mentor. I still don’t know if Hal is battle damaged or supercharged, but it doesn’t matter because at least it’s something different. As for Sinestro, he looks okay but very dated. Would it kill Mattel to finally give us a Yellow Lantern Sinestro? Because Low is getting lonely.

Written by jestergoblin

October 14th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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