Marvel Mega Bloks Series 2 Review: Captain America

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Mega Bloks seems to be cranking out the last of their Marvel products since they lose the license next year. It reminds me a lot of when ToyBiz dumped dozens of new figures onto the market each month (or so it seemed), so while Marvel LEGO sets won’t be a reality until next year there are at least some new figures out in stores!

Based off his movie appearance, Captain America is a decent looking hybrid of his classic and Ultimate designs. Many elements are sculpted into this tiny figure, like the overlapping padding, cuffs and belt. Even the individual stripes are sculpted.

The head seems to have the biggest issues. It’s hard to get the design of a helmet right on figures of this scale, and Cap’s looks a touch too small for my liking – like he’s just painted his skin blue and called it a day.

Articulation is the norm with a surprising amount – almost as much as a Minimate. Cap has ball jointed shoulders, hips and neck, hinged elbows and knees and cut wrists and waist. It’s well above what LEGO offers, but the bulkier proportions don’t quite work as well as they could.

The paint isn’t the best either. With LEGO’s collectible minifigures having near perfect paint jobs every time, it’s hard not to be expecting the same from these blind bagged figures. The blue used is very, very dark – so dark that it muddles together with the brown. The white and red stand out well, but little details look off. The star on Captain America’s chest is only haphazardly applied while his blue eyes look empty and dead.

For accessories, Captain America comes with a navy 2×4 Mega Blok brick which is rather boring. His only other accessory is his shield. Circular and perfectly painted, the darker colors work well for the movie-verse Captain America. The handle is designed so Cap can easily hold it or have it plugged into his back.

As a minifigure, there’s no doubt that this is Captain America. All the expected features are present like the blue suit, the red and white stripes and the shield. But upon closer inspection, the figure doesn’t seem to be there 100%. If the whole figure had as good of paint as his shield, he’d be amazing but a few shortcuts are very noticeable.

Written by jestergoblin

October 21st, 2011 at 12:00 am

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