Marvel Mega Bloks Series 2 Review: Army Drone

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A well done repaint is a rarity in the toy industry it seems. All too often, parts and pieces feel out of place when a company tries to cut corners. But if there is one super hero who lends himself to being repainted, it’s Iron Man.

With several Iron Man armors, War Machine and Whiplash running around as Mega Bloks figures, it makes sense to provide one additional foe from Iron Man 2 – the Army Drone. Based on stolen technology, it makes perfect sense that the Drone would look like Iron Man. Amazingly, from the neck down this figure is pretty much just a repaint of War Machine! The tan plastic with brown wash manages to look unique thanks in part to the bulkier torso and hip parts.

The torso is covered in small details that make the figure look less refined than Iron Man’s armor. Bolts and rivets hold together overlapping plates, giving the appearance of mass production. The head is a new piece and similar in size to Iron Man’s head – but it actually makes sense since the weird proportions aren’t meant to contain a human inside.

Articulation is the same as always with the Army Drone having cut joints at the wrists and waist, hinged knees and elbows and ball jointed shoulders, hips and neck. But mine came with a stuck right elbow that refuses to move.

Accessories include the display brick of worthlessness and a harness with a shoulder mounted rail gun. It’s half of what War Machine got for weaponry, but I assume the new head cost some money to make.

As a figure, this one really works. He’s an army robot and looks right. The bulky proportions and limited movement all work well since he’s a robot! It’s a shame these guys are blind bagged, because having a handful of them could be a lot of fun.

Written by jestergoblin

November 11th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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