Marvel Mega Bloks Series 2 Review: Red Skull

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With the second wave of the Marvel Mega Bloks blind bagged figures out in the wild, Mega Bloks went full swing to ensure this wave felt jam-packed with Avengers – both heroes and villains. Almost everyone got someone to face off against and Captain America goes perfectly with his arch-nemesis: the Red Skull!

Red Skull is one of the few purely evil villains left in comics. No matter what is said or done about him, he’s still the guy that even Nazis thought was too evil. Though when he first debuted in Captain America #1, that issue caused a lot of trouble for Joe Simon and Jack Kirby since the US hadn’t entered the war yet!

As a minifigure, Red Skull is wearing a generic military uniform that is just a mishmash of pieces. It isn’t quite his movie HYDRA look and it isn’t quite an S.S. officer. Instead, it looks like a generic military dress uniform. In fact, from the neck down there is nothing about this figure that is very Red Skull-like.

The torso is decorated with extra pockets, a skinny tie and a simple black belt. The long sleeves and black gloves allude to the idea that this figure might be hiding something, while the light gray pants and tall black boots are just kind of there.

The head though shows who this truly is with a stylized red skull. No nose, no ears and no lips, Red Skull looks deranged. The bright red plastic is very toy-y and the head is just begging for a black wash to bring out the details. As it currently stands, the smaller details are just lost in the plastic. Another minor quibble is the fact that his eyes are just white with black dots, even though Red Skull classically has blue eyes.

Like all of the Mega Bloks figures, Red Skull has a decent amount of articulation. He has ball jointed shoulders, hips and neck, hinged elbows and knees and cut wrists and waist. But his proportions feel a bit too bulky for me, but that’s a stylistic choice.

For accessories, Red Skull comes with a red 2×4 brick that doubles as a stand. His other accessory is a tiny Luger, though it could be something far worse and just made to look like a standard Luger. Like a laser gun that can destroy a tank in a single shot.

Part of Red Skull feels like a cheap copout given how little of the figure actually feels accurate or unique. While I’ve never seen any other Mega Bloks figure with this body, it wouldn’t surprise me if it had showed up before. He’s a decent figure and works well when paired up with his nemesis.

Written by jestergoblin

October 26th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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