Marvel Mega Bloks Series 2 Review: Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko

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The hero and villain pairings are well done for the second wave of Marvel Mega Bloks figures. It’s always bothered me when heroes are left without a villain to battle, so getting Captain America and Red Skull in the same wave is great – and probably even better than Iron Man Mark V and Whiplash.

The whole Whiplash versus Backlash versus Blacklash is something that still seems overly confusing to me. But for any fans of Iron Man 2, this little figure pairs up rather nicely with his arch-nemesis. But there is something slightly off about this figure of Ivan Vanko because his proportions are all over the place.

When dealing with a very limited scale, it’s hard to effectively show off different sizes. So you end up with a guy in armor looking near identical in size to a guy out of armor – and that is definitely the case here. Vanko’s torso looks huge and his head is downright massive when compared to Iron Man.

The sculpt though is impressive with fine details on Whiplash’s arc reactor harness. The legs and arms are relatively simple. The face doesn’t really look like Mickey Rourke, but his likeness would be very hard to replicate at this small of a scale. But with the long hair, the head is absolutely massive.

Articulation is the standard for Mega Bloks figures without anything being restricted. Whiplash has cut joints at the wrists and waist, hinged knees and elbows and ball jointed shoulders, hips and neck.

The paint is interesting because Whiplash manages to have orange pants – something all his other toys (except the first release of his Super Hero Squad figure) have been forbidden from having. All of Whiplash’s tattoos are missing as well, but the rest of the paint is well done provided you’re okay with the facial hair being all wrong too.

Accessories are all stuff we’ve seen before. The large brick is easy to cast aside and his “whips” are the same as the “webs” of Spider-Man and Venom. Cast in translucent blue, they kind of work but the design isn’t there completely. They make better electric whips than webbing at least.

Is this a ground breaking figure? Not by any means, but it is clear who this figure is and any kid who loved Iron Man 2 would be plenty happy having this guy in his collection of building toys. Unless he’s a LEGO purist or really  picky about making sure his toys look like their actor counterparts.

Written by jestergoblin

November 9th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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