Toy Review: The Brave and the Bold Action League – Batman with Batcycle

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Batman is always allowed to get the craziest toys – Batmobile, Batcopter, Batsub, or even Bat-whatever-vehicle-is-needed-for-storyline-purposes. I don’t know how Bruce Wayne is able to buy all those things without drawing attention to himself.

When all the firepower of the Batmobile isn’t necessary, Batman fires up the Batcycle to hi Gotham City’s criminal hot spots.

Like Jungle Camo Batman that came with Grodd, this version of Batman is the beginning of the end for absurd Batman variants. Cyclist Batman looks like he overslept and threw on the first pieces of clothing he found. Batman’s sporting a Bat-helmet for safety reasons, and it makes sense. But for some reason, Batman is capeless – maybe it’s stuffed into his helmet?

But the really odd part of Batman is his gloves. They’re blue. For absolutely no reason. Maybe his hands are cold and he grabbed his ice fighting gloves? It doesn’t exactly make sense. But Batman moves at the standard four joints, neck, arms and waist. Thankfully there isn’t a sticking problem with the joints on this figure. Batman looks to be entirely a new sculpt. The helmeted head, gripping hands, bike riding stance and a capeless torso, all of which can easily get reused with other Batmen.

Batman is also sporting the second (or maybe the first since this set came out the same time as Grodd’s mental-helment) accessory in the line. And I have absolutely no idea what it is. It’s a silver gun-thing with a bat face. It’s just painted silver and doesn’t have much detail. For some reason, the gun is as tall as Batman himself.

The Batcycle is sleek, streamlined and looks an awful lot like something out of Batman Beyond. The dark red accents contrast nicely with the giant yellow eyes on the hood. The motorcycle is huge though, about twice the size of the one that comes with Captain America. The bike does a great job standing on its own though because the back tire is massive, the same size as the wheels on the Batmobile.

There’s not much else to say about the Batcycle. It just seems rather unimpressive after the Batpod from The Dark Knight but stylistically it matches really well with Batman’s other vehicles. But the random weapon and the fact that Dressed-in-a-rush Batman is the only one who can ride it without falling off makes it limited in play value. And has anyone else noticed that these figures don’t have pegs in their feet? It seems really odd to me.

Written by jestergoblin

January 6th, 2010 at 12:24 am

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