Marvel Mega Bloks Series 2 Review: Loki

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The final pairing in the Mega Bloks Marvel line are two classic brothers locked in an eternal battle – Thor and Loki! I’ve got to hand it to Mega Bloks for managing to include three great pairings of heroes and classic villains; it works so much better than the Spider-Man-centric first wave.

Given that Thor and Loki are both Asgardians, it makes sense for the two of them to share elements of their costume. Loki’s arms and legs are identical to Thor’s in sculpt but the different color schemes help set them apart. To further the idea that the two are connected, Loki’s chest shares elements with Thor like the circle design.

What really sets Loki apart though is the head. Cast in a gold, rubbery plastic the head looks kind of off – but no more than all the other human heads have looked in the line. Loki’s horns curve back and look okay but would have really benefitted from paint.

The paint on the figure looks good for the most part. The dark green and gold evokes the classic imagery of Loki without looking too comicbooky, and the black chainmail adds a level of realism that’s needed as well. The biggest issue with the color comes from the golden plastic used on the helmet.  In an attempt to look metallic, the plastic ends up looking off.

Articulation is the same as always but it isn’t perfect this time around. Between the cape and helmet design, Loki’s head doesn’t move as much as I would like. His right elbow also hates moving.

For accessories, Loki is pretty well equipped. The dark green cape is identical to Thor’s and looks good, though I would prefer something more regal for the trickster god. The brick display stand is cast in the same metallic gold. The look is certainly interesting with swirls of colors on display. Visually, it is one of the more interesting looking bricks produced this way. The final accessory is a massive trident-staff that towers over the figure himself. I’m not sure why it is so big, but it actually works.

As the second rarest figure in the wave, it took me rummaging through three different cases before I found Loki (I still haven’t found Wolverine, I can’t believe he was shortpacked and Red Skull wasn’t!). As a figure, he pairs up well with Thor. The similarities in their costumes work well and tie them together. Loki isn’t groundbreaking as a figure and I wish his horns were bigger, but he’s still a good toy.

Marvel Mega Bloks Micro Action
Series 1
Iron Man & Battle Damaged Variant | Spider-Man & Armored Variant | War Machine
Black Costume Spider-Man | Venom | Green Goblin

Series 2
Captain America | Red Skull | Iron Man Mark V
Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko | Army Drone | Thor | Loki

Written by jestergoblin

November 28th, 2011 at 12:00 am

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