Toy Review: Batman the Brave and the Bold Action League – The Dark Knight & The Demon Etrigan

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Growing up, one of my favorite toys was Slash from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a few years later they released Winged Warrior Donatello and both of them were the same basic concept: just like the heroes but an evil version. And this set brings back those memories.

Only the demonic power of Etrigan can break the spell that transformed Batman into the sinister Dark Knight.

Etrigan is one of those heroes who has always been popular within Batman cartoons. Any why not, to paraphrase the movie Dogma, “he’s a f***ing demon.” He’s the good guy who looks like he belongs on the other side. He also for some reason wears shorts, booties, a long sleeve shirt and a cape, so clearly fashion isn’t his strong suit. Or maybe Jack Kirby just wanted to see how absurd he could make hero costumes.

Etrigan is bulky with fists bigger than his head. His stance looks good for the demon too, partially hunched over like he’s ready to jump into battle. But the best part of Etrigan is his face. His horns are adorable little nubs while his ears (?) are a great example of how this line’s style. The grimaced mouth looks good with clean paint detailing his fangs.

The paint looks pretty good but I question the use of sky blue for his cape. But the detailing is crisp and clean, especially on the face. His eyes are a nice shade of red that’s different from the rest of his suit. His articulation is the standard four as always, neck, waist and arms. But his cape limits the movement of his arms and waist so each can only move about half as much as normal.

Batman the Dark Knight gives the name a whole new meaning and it’s a fantastic new usage. He’s not Frank Miller’s version of Batman, instead he’s a demonically infused version of Batman that looks incredible. The Dark Knight has an exceptional design, his giant bat crest, helm and gauntlets all evoke a unique style. His bright red eyes are sunken in his helm, while the massive bat goes across his chest and turns into shoulder pads.

The Dark Knight has a simple paint job that instantly conveys the idea that this isn’t the regular Batman. The black and dark red remind me of Carnage from Spider-Man. Throw in the fact that he’s Batman with a sword, and this is a figure that really sticks out in a crowd. The Dark Knight’s articulation suffers from the same issues as Etrigan. His waist and arms are limited by the his cape, while his head moves freely.

As a two-pack, this set is excellent. The Dark Knight is a fantastic Batman variant, who doesn’t love an evil version of the hero? Throw in the fact that he’s paired with the demon Etrigan and you’ve got a two pack that works great thematically.

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January 7th, 2010 at 12:48 am

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