LEGO DC Super Heroes Review: Catwoman Catcycle City Chase #6858

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After a three-year hiatus, LEGO has returned full force with a new Super Hero line. Between licensing deals with both Marvel and DC, it’s a very exciting time to be a fan of comics and LEGO. It’s rather surprising just how thorough the original LEGO Batman line was, so a few of the sets feel a bit like rehashes from years ago – but that isn’t a bad thing.

On the back streets of Gotham City, Batman is trying to stop Catwoman from escaping on her speedy motorbike with a large diamond. Help him to topple the traffic light and cut off her getaway with his fast flying batarang!

The cheapest of the sets in this series comes in at $12.99 – a price that feels a touch too high for me. But licensed LEGO sets always run with a premium of 20% or so, but this really feels like a $10 set to me.

While I missed out on the LEGO Batman line when it first came out in 2006, I am still familiar with the LEGO-versions of the hero thanks to the LEGO Batman video game. Batman is very similar to his original figure with a few minor cosmetic changes. Dressed in his navy and gray costume, there’s no mistaking this figure as being Batman. The yellow belt is vibrant and the bat emblem is prominently emblazoned across his chest.

I love the little touches on the figure like the fact that his hip joint is cast in navy to give the illusion of his costume design. But there is one aspect of LEGO Batman that is a bit off – the cowl. Skin tight masks don’t exactly work in the LEGO world (unless they’re just paint applications), so Batman’s cowl is much bigger than expected. And to keep the proportions right, it means Batman’s head is a bit odd.

A stripe of white goes around the bare head of the figure so when wearing the cowl, the eyes look white. This area is actually the forehead, so when the cowl is removed it looks like Bruce Wayne is wearing a sweatband. There are two different expressions on Batman’s head. One of him being stern and the other is a cross between either being happy or angry, I can’t quite tell.

In this set, Batman is wearing some kind of Bat-pack that is a cross between a jetpack and a hang glider. The extended wing piece attaches around the neck and looks great. Attached to it is a small assembly of vents and bricks to look like a jetpack. The overall look works well. In addition, Batman comes with a single batarang which he can hold in the middle.

But Batman is nothing without his rogues gallery, and this set includes one of the classics – Catwoman! Decked out in her modern costume that is little more than skintight leather, Catwoman looks pretty cute in LEGO form. Since the figure is cast in black plastic, purple highlights are used to evoke her feminine form.

Like Batman, Catwoman’s head is double-sided. The “secret identity” side is just a smirking female face that isn’t particularly Selina Kyle like, but the purple lipstick is a nice touch to make it complement her costume’s details. The other side is meant to be combined with her mask and shows off some massive goggles that look downright weird when not combined with her mask. On that side, the lips seem to be snarling. Catwoman’s mask has a similar issue as Batman’s in that it is slightly oversized to accommodate the fact that it is made of LEGO. But it can be worn with either side of her head looking through.

Catwoman also comes with her Catcycle. A bulky, purple motorcycle, the Catcycle somewhat evokes cat imagery when viewed directly from the front. As a bike, it’s just very bulky and provides two clips for items to be stored, like Catwoman’s whip (which is cast in brown for some inexplicable reason). A diamond is also included since Catwoman has to be stealing something all the time.

The remainder of the set is a plain street corner. The cobblestone floor looks great and some genius use of bricks creates a newsstand (along with two newspaper tiles) and a mailbox. The main build though is the lamppost which precariously balances a traffic light. The idea of it is an action feature so the light can be knocked off with ease, but I personally would have preferred it to stay put.

The final inclusion in the set are five wooden crates. Three of them are nothing more than 2×2 bricks topped with tiles, while the other two are actually LEGO crates that are hollow inside. On one hand, the crates feel like a weird inclusion to help justify the high price tag but the other half of me loves that they are there. As a kid, I always remembered seeing commercials showing kids playing with toys that crashed through toy boxes so getting those here helps relive that.

With this being the cheapest way to get Batman as a minifigure, it’s hard not to recommend this set. Both figures are really good, but have some minor quirks. If you didn’t like the LEGO Batman designs before, this set isn’t going to change your mind but if you love LEGO and love Batman, this is an easy recommend.

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January 3rd, 2012 at 12:00 am

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