Toy Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad Spider-Man & Moon Knight

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I don’t know why Hasbro changed the number of packs in each wave, but for some reason Wave 16 only has four figures in it! Odd, but saves me some time. This wave consists of one brand new figure, two repaints and one that’s an amalgam of repainted parts and resculpted parts that look identical to an existing figure. This review is for one of the packs: Spider-Man and Moon Knight!

Bullet-dodging wall-crawling hero!

Spider-Man is a repaint from the one packaged with Tigra back in Wave 13. Instead of his bright colors, this one seems to be more of the first appearance variety. Dark blues, almost black and webbing under the arms all contribute to that but the eyes don’t match that look.  Still, he’s a great looking figure.

The dynamic sculpt reminds me a lot of the book How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. While articulation would have been nice, as a single piece this one works very well. But at the end of the day, he’s another Spider-Man. Though, he is probably the second best classic Spider-Man figure released in this entire line. Only Lamppost Spidey beats him.

Superhuman agent of vengeance!

Paired with Spider-Man is Marvel’s super hero with the most expensive cleaning bill: Moon Knight! He’s basically Batman, dressed in white, who thinks he’s the reincarnation of an Egyptian god (I think) and suffers from dissociative identity disorder. He also used to draw power from the moon. To quote Spider-Man, “Moony, rhymes with loony.”

But enough about crazy Marc Spector, this is about his figure. Candid photos taken at SDCC were rife with concern after seeing Moon Knight – he looked huge. Scale creep happens in a lot of toy lines, but when you’re dealing with figures that are only 2 inches tall to begin with, an extra half inch is a lot. Luckily, the scale is intact and the photos were just wonky. Though, he does have a huge head from the hood he wears.

Moon Knight is sporting articulation on both arms. In his left hand he’s holding his adamantium staff. But the figure’s neck angle is odd: he’s always looking downward. The figure also suffers from coloring on the page doesn’t equal coloring in real life. His head is painted dark gray since he face is usually shadowed but like Stealth Iron Man not actually being blue, his face should be white. It’s still better then the Marvel Legends version that was gray with white gloves, boots and cape. His paint details are clean. As a figure, he looks fine provided he’s standing on something.

As a two pack, this works fairly well. Both Spider-Man and Moon Knight are street level characters. Spider-Man is a fantastic figure and Moon Knight isn’t bad. If you’re a fan of Moon Knight, you probably won’t be disappointed. These figures are showing up at retail and online, so don’t think this is going to be another Wave 11 fiasco and end up buying a case (like I did) because they’re easy to find.

Super Hero Squad Wave 16
Iron Man & War Machine
Spider-Man & Moon Knight

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October 16th, 2009 at 8:56 am

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