LEGO DC Super Heroes Review: The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape #6857

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The Joker has to be some kind of real estate genius. How else does he constantly end up in abandoned theme parks? Does he just buy them up or is he always squatting? More importantly, why does Gotham have so many abandoned theme parks?

If you are only going to get one LEGO DC Super Heroes set, this is the one to get. If you’re only going to get two, get this one and the Superman set. This is a set with three villains, two heroes, a vehicle and a massive build jammed packed with traps for the Dark Knight.

The Riddler, the Joker and his sidekick Harley Quinn are holding Robin hostage at their evil funhouse! As our hero Batman jumps off his cool Batcycle, can he avoid the trap door, big hammer and moving floor and rescue his crime-fighting partner?

In a move that surprises no one, Batman is included in this set. His figure is near identical to the one from the Catwoman Catcycle City Chase with a minor change. Instead of wearing a Bat-jet-pack, Batman is wearing a cloth cape (which in turn is the same as the black suited Batman cape, only blue). It’s a fine figure, but there is nothing else for me to really say about the caped crusader figure. He comes with a single batarang.

Paired up with the Dark Knight is the Boy Wonder – Robin! This is the Tim Drake version of the Robin so the classic look of booties and boy short is thankfully omitted. Instead, Robin is wearing his red and black outfit that looks really good. The design on the suit is basic but works great with a yellow belt to match Batman’s and some extra details showing off his muscles. His cape is the same design as Batman’s but in black.

Robin’s hair looks to be a new piece and does a nice job of looking parted without looking like it is held in place by gel. Like Batman, Robin’s head is double-sided. One side shows the Boy Wonder screaming his head off (or making some absurd declaration of surprise), while the other shows him being serious and stern. Both sides feature a domino mask, so if you want an unmasked Robin, you’re on your own. Robin comes with a pair of handcuffs, either to wear himself or to capture someone else with.

The vehicle is some kind of extreme off-roading motorcycle. Rather basic in construction, the motorcycle features massive tires and is very reminiscent of the Batpod in The Dark Knight. The design is simple and the blue and black color motif fits the hero. The back side makes great use of tentacle pieces to look like bat wing shaped exhaust pipes. Oddly, there isn’t space for two people on it though – it looks like Robin is walking home.

But the real draw of this set is the villains. Three dastardly rogues are included: The Riddler, Joker and Harley Quinn! The Joker is a straight repack of the figure that came with the Batwing set, but that doesn’t stop the figure from being perfect. The grinning face with yellow teeth, or the sneering serious face and garish color combination of purple, green and orange all make for an unmistakable figure. But what I really love is the simplicity of his accessory. It’s a LEGO walkie-talkie with a single red stud attached – which means it’s now a remote control with a giant red button! How perfect is that?

The Riddler is in his spandex costume, which is probably one of his better known looks. It’s bright green and really makes Edward Nigma look way too buff given the muscle detailing on his chest. The purple belt with a golden question mark looks great.

Riddler’s face has a smirk on it along with eyes hidden behind a purple domino mask. To top off the look, he comes with a gray bowler hat emblazoned with a question mark. Sadly, his accessory is most lacking. Instead of coming with his question mark topped staff, the Riddler comes with a bright red crow bar. The shape is vaguely there, but the Riddler doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who would bludgeon Batman with a crowbar (the Joker on the other hand…).

The final figure is the lovely Harley Quinn. One of my favorite comic characters (I like jesters, but hate clowns), Harley is a relatively new addition to the Batman rogue gallery but she fits in so well, it doesn’t feel like it. Her original figure commands an absurdly high price on the secondary market, so getting her in a $40 set feels like a deal.

Harley’s checkered costume translates beautifully to LEGO form. The alternating red and black is well done and looks great. The hat is the same as the Jester’s, but done in black and red. The black paint is matte for some reason which makes it stand out a tiny bit, but one of my Jester’s hats started chipping so it is probably to prevent that from happening.

Harley’s head is double-sided just like the Joker’s. One side shows her with a malicious glint in eyes as she grins. The other side shows off a more calm and collected face with only a half smirk. Both sides look great.

The main build is the Joker’s Funhouse. A decent sized build, the Funhouse is absolutely jammed pack with action features and every turn. The bottom floor is pretty sparse, but does contain a Riddler-themed fortune teller machine (which means you get an extra Riddler head and hat). The rest of it is pretty barren with just an arching entranceway for Batman to drive through. The base measures almost a foot across.

The second story is where the real action is! There are five action features built into it, but unlike many toys, none of them interfere with the set! By the Riddler’s “Danger Ahead” sign, a trap door is hidden in the floor ready to drop any unsuspecting heroes.

Above it, a crane is place that can raise a lower a person by their feet (like maybe Robin) into a vat. The vat is a giant purple LEGO barrel and has a fish and some green bricks in it – definitely a reference to the Joker’s Laughing Fish.

In the middle and directly under the Joker’s own giant sign (again, where does he get the budget to build these things?) is a red and black tile floor that is built to rock back and forth. Next is Harley’s “Watch Out!” sign which is for the absolutely massive hammer than falls from the doorway – probably a call back to her Hammer Truck.

The final part is the roller coaster portion of the funhouse. Utilizing a sloped piece and curve, the tracks are not the same size as the LEGO train tracks. Instead, they seem to be from the LEGO Dwarves. A single cart is included that can ride down the tracks and through a pair of swinging doors showing off the Joker’s visage before coming to an end at the stop. At least the Joker wasn’t able to afford a full roller coaster, right?

If the set stopped here, it would still be excellent but LEGO threw in one more reason to love this set – it includes one of the brand new LEGO separators! A vital tool in the arsenal of people who end up taking apart their creations, this is the newer take on the brick separator that also includes a special axle pushing stud on top to take apart Technic sets with ease. And the handle tapers into a thin section that is perfect for prying tiles off bricks.

This is the best LEGO DC Super Heroes set. If you are interested in any of the sets but can’t make up your mind, get this one. It comes with two heroes, three villains and two great builds. The brick separator is just gravy; it doesn’t get much better than this.

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