LEGO Review Collectible Minifigures Series 6: Classic Alien #8827

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The latest series of the addictive LEGO Collectible Minifigures have been released and just like the last five waves, I can’t even begin to fathom how amazing these little guys are. So while I’ve been buying LEGO Aliens for as long as they’ve been sold, this is the first time LEGO has released a classic alien.

“The truth is around here somewhere!” The pyramids? These guys built them. The microwave? They invented it. Elvis? Got him right up there on the mothership. All of those totally out-there conspiracy theories about little gray men from outer space are absolutely 100% true – or at least, that’s what the Classic Alien believes.

You see, he’s been out of communication with the home planet for a while (thanks to that whole Area 51 thing), and all of his recent news has come from what he’s read in supermarket tabloids and seen on the internet. Those reporters and bloggers really seem to know their stuff, so he figures they must have the real scoop. After all, if it’s not all true, then what’s he even doing here?

Yes, while an alien was released back in wave 3, this is a classic alien. Colloquially known as “grays,” these are the standard science fiction aliens of old. Well, they would be if LEGO had a different body to use since from the neck down this is your classic LEGO figure.

Cast mostly in light gray, the alien looks good. A few lines on the torso give the impression of a slightly inhuman physiology but other than that he’s just gray on gray. The dark gray hands and waist piece give the illusion that he’s wearing some kind of clothing which feels a touch odd.

But no one is after this figure for the body, it’s all about the head! A brand new LEGO piece, the alien head looks great. It’s got the classic bulbous black eyes that pop out of the head. The white highlights help give it some additional depth, but the paint is so reflective it isn’t really needed. The small, slim mouth evokes no human emotion.

The Classic Alien comes with a ray gun – the same one originally seen with the Spaceman and Space Villain. It’s cast in white this time around and looks just as good as it did before. A translucent green laser is included as well.

When trying to find this figure blind bagged, check for the head – he’s the only one without a regular head (except the minotaur). LEGO and aliens work together so well, I’m kind of amazed it took this long to create the classic trope. Sure, the body looks a bit odd but the figure as a whole is great. If you’re looking for a new intergalactic menace either in space or on earth, the Classic Alien is great.

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Classic Alien |

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