LEGO Review Collectible Minifigures Series 6: Highland Battler #8827

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I love it when LEGO uses the collectible minifigures to make historical-themed figures that don’t quite fit in with the Castle theme. Though if LEGO really want to make an ancient history-themed line, I could see a horde of these guys showing up to battle.

“They may take our bricks, but they’ll never take our imagination!” The Highland Battler is proud of his fighting skills, proud of his strength, and especially proud of his fine plaid kilt. He feels that he is upholding the history and traditions of his whole clan in every challenge he faces, from defending the Highlands to playing board games, and he accepts nothing less than glorious victory at each one.

He considers any kind of loss to be a crushing blow to his honor, and so he strives to be the very best at every competition imaginable, whether great or small. Most importantly, though, he always insists on winning by the rules. To the Highland Battler, there’s only one thing in the world worse than losing – and that’s being a cheater!

The Highland Battler (they can’t call him Braveheart or Highlander evidently) is the latest addition to my inter-temporal combat arena and he looks great. Wearing dark blue, his chest is covered in leather studded armor. The Highlander also wears a proto-kilt that looks like a cross between a kilt and a toga as it wraps over one shoulder and covers his legs. The plaid colors look good, but the paint begins to fall apart on his legs.

Higherlander’s head is another conundrum. Instead of covering him in blue war paint, LEGO gave him a screaming head filled with rage from the heat of battle. His brow furrowed and unshaven, he looks great but there is one weird thing. His hair is brown while his facial hair is red. It’s an odd combination. The Highlander’s hair is the same as Dumbledore’s and Lucius Malfoy’s.

Since he is a great warrior, the Highlander comes with three accessories. The first barely counts, it’s the same black display base I have far too many of already. His shield is another piece we have seen before but is covered in a pattern of circles. The real piece is the sword. A brand new sculpt, this claymore is a massive weapon. Just shy of being the height of a minifigure, the sword looks great.

When trying to find this figure in the package, feel for his round shield. It’s kind of funny that the Highlander didn’t come with a fabric kilt piece since the bagpipes player from Series 7 is shown to be wearing one. But even without it, the Highlander is a great figure. His attire is unique and his weapons are exceptional. Now if only he had a different head.

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