DC Universe Action League Review: Professor Zoom & the Flash

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Repaints are an easy way for toy companies to produce a new figure without having to spend any money on new molds. If you want to really get technical, most LEGO figures and Minimates are just repaints! But every now and then, a repaint comes along that not only makes sense, but actually works better than the original.

A longstanding enemy of the Flash, Professor Zoom fulfilled a prophecy when he saved his foe from the Speed Force.

I haven’t a clue what that write up is alluding to because I don’t think I’ve ever read a non-Silver Age Flash story. I’m guessing in involved a treadmill in space or something, since it seems like most Flash stories end that way.

Professor Zoom, sometimes known as Reverse-Flash, is basically the evil version of the Flash. But while Bizzaro is the opposite of Superman, Professor Zoom has the same powers at Barry Allen and more. He’s super fast and can mess around with time. So as a figure, Professor Zoom is just an inverted repaint of the original Flash Action League figure which is the way he should be.

Cast in bright yellow plastic with red lightning bolts painted on, Professor Zoom looks great. The lines are crisp and his black and red lightning bolt decal looks pristine. But where the figure really shines is the face. Instead of showing off his eyes, Professor Zoom has been given black eyes with red pupils. It’s a fantastic touch, that when combined with the smug smile, really makes him feel different from the Flash.

Like the original Flash, he’s still posed in mid-run which means he comes with a translucent plastic stand to balance on. His articulation is the standard four points: waist, shoulders and neck.

There is really only one hero to pair up with Professor Zoom and that’s the Flash! A brand new figure, this is clearly Barry Allen again because of the belt and wings on his boots. But if you wanted him to be Wally West, that would help explain two near identical figures.

Instead of being posed mid-run, Flash is actually standing firm on the ground in a pose much like Sinestro. His right arm is outstretched while his left is held close to his body. It’s a decent pose, but seems kind of weird for a character who is supposed to be running. The head sculpt is decent, but reminds me a bit too much of the Tick given how large the jaw is.

The Flash’s colors don’t feel as vibrant as I would like, especially since Professor Zoom looks really good in his red and yellow costume. The Flash’s yellows look dull and the red just isn’t crimson enough. The paint decals are well executed though.

To set him apart, Flash comes with an accessory! A red whirlwind cast in rubber, it fits perfectly over his right hand. As an accessory, it works really since it can be passed along to other figures with ease – like Red Tornado and Atrocious.

I love when heroes get paired up with their arch nemesis. Batman and the Joker is a no-brainer for any Batman fan and this pack is great for any fan of the Flash. Between the amazing repaint on Professor Zoom and the whirlwind accessory, this pack blows Batman and Bronze Tiger out of the water.

DC Universe Action League

Wave 1
Superman & Bizzaro | Hal Jordan & White Lantern Sinestro
Firestorm & Deathstorm | The Flash & Captain Boomerang

Wave 2
Green Arrow & Prometheus | Batman & the Joker
John Stewart & Atrocitus | Tomar Re & Low

Wave 3
Superman & Wonder Woman | Batman & Deathstroke
Split Hal Jordan & Saint Walker | Killowag & Zilius Zox

Wave 4
Batman & Bronze Tiger | Professor Zoom & the Flash
Martian Manhunter & Deadman | Yellow Lantern Sinestro & Akrillo

Written by jestergoblin

January 24th, 2012 at 12:00 am

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