LEGO Review Collectible Minifigures Series 6: Intergalactic Girl #8827

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I don’t have a favorite theme in the LEGO-verse. I quite enjoy the medieval sets, but any of the Space themes hold a special place having grown up during the years of Spyrius, M-Tron, and Space Police. But LEGO seems to weaving a greater epic than I ever imagined with the release of this figure.

“No thanks needed. I’m just doing my part to make the spaceways safe!” The name of the Intergalactic Girl is cheered by life forms on every inhabited planet, moon, space station and asteroid in the cosmos. As an interstellar adventurer, she and her daring outer-space exploits are the stuff of legend throughout the known universe, and even a few of the unknown bits, too.

With nothing but a quasar zapper, a pair of antigravity boots and a can-do attitude, the Intergalactic Girl has single-handedly saved solar systems from black holes, rescued civilizations from cosmic conquerors and captured entire fleets of Blacktron battle cruisers. She never has time to stay for the celebrations afterwards, though, because there’s always another space crisis waiting just around the next nebula!

As the third Space suited figure in the Collectible Minifigures line, my gut reaction is “why isn’t this an actual theme along the lines of Voltron or Power Rangers?” The love that Classic Space has been getting lately is amazing. First Spaceman showed up as the latest, and best, Space offering until Space Villain took center stage with his cybernetic implants. But now both of them have been upstaged by the Intergalactic Girl.

There’s no denying it though, this is the Pink Ranger through and through. Decked out in vibrant shades of pink, Intergalactic Girl really stands out from the group. Her space suit is substantially more detailed than Spaceman’s thanks to chrome padding, shadows and a golden belt. Across her chest is the Classic Space emblem that is still excellent looking. Around her neck looks to be some metal tubes. In an interesting visual choice, her arms are a different shade of pink.

Intergalactic Girl’s face is great. The smirk is great and the silver lipstick adds to her space-ness. The rest of her face is well done with clearly defined eyelashes and a raised brow. Unlike her Space kin, Intergalactic Girl comes with long blonde hair – the same as the Pop Star and Fitness Instructor.

For accessories she comes with a bright pink helmet with blue visor that is done in the new Space way, like the Space Police and Alien Conquest. She also comes with the ray gun in silver with a translucent blue laser. A display stand is included as well.

The helmet is a bit of an issue for me. The figure is shown in promotional materials as being able to hold it in her hand, but when the visor is attached, that isn’t possible. It also comes down oddly and covers most of her mouth.

Even with the minor helmet quibbles, this figure is downright excellent. The inclusion of both hair and a helmet is great but what I really love is that LEGO released a bright pink figure that isn’t a stereotype. This isn’t some girl in danger, but a girl who is dangerous. I really hope LEGO returns to the Classic Space theme in the future because the teasing of these minifigures is becoming unbearable!

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