LEGO Review Collectible Minifigures Series 6: Clockwork Robot #8827

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Part of what makes the LEGO figure so great is how quickly it can be repurposed. It’s remarkable how a little paint can completely change how you perceive a figure. So when it was announced that series 6 of the Collectible Minifigures had a new robot, I was very excited.

“Beep-boop! Who-wants-a-hug?” The Clockwork Robot just wants to be loved. He may have started out as a simple toy, but somewhere along the way his little ticking heart took on a life of its very own. Now that he can walk and talk and think (as long as somebody remembers to keep his key wound up), he’s hoping to find his true place in the big LEGO world.

But what does a Clockwork Robot do? He can walk around making beeping sounds, and he has lots of shiny buttons and dials, but he feels there must be more to life. He’s tried copying some of the other Minifigures, but he kept falling off his horse, deep-sea diving made his gears rusty, and masked wrestling was definitely a big mistake. Maybe he’ll just try hugging everybody he sees instead!

The Clockwork Robot continues the trend of LEGO making fantastic robots. Looking like he stepped off the set of some 1950s sci-fi flick, Clockwork Robot has a lot in common with the Robot from series 1. Cast mostly in light gray plastic, the robot is given bursts of color in the form of bright red hands and a cyan waist. It’s a little touch but goes a long way to give the figure extra character.

The paint applications on the legs and torso are great. His chest plate is delightfully generic with some speakers, knobs and a line chart. His body is lined with bolts, while his legs show off some springs and reinforced toes. It reminds me a lot of the old Cybermen in Doctor Who.

What really sets this figure apart is the brand new headpiece. Shaped like a square, there isn’t anything else like this because most of the head is sculpted! The knobs and antennae on the sides are sculpted, along with the protruding eyes. A peg is on top like most other LEGO figures. What is most odd though is that the thickness of the head is the same as the torso, it’s not a cube!

To complete the look, Clockwork Robot uses a small piece to attach his wind up key to his back. This helps in two ways since the figure looks very, very weird without a neck and it means there is now a LEGO windup key brick! I can’t wait to build some Bob-ombs! A display stand is also included.

When trying to find the figure, feel for the head because no other LEGO brick is quite like it. Clockwork Robot is a perfect figure. The colors work beautifully and the new headpiece is incredible. Toss in the inclusion of a windup key on his back, and he’s completely unique. I’ve always loved LEGO robots and this guy keeps me loving them.

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