LEGO Review Collectible Minifigures Series 6: Roman Legionary #8827

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The first ancient world LEGO figure in the form of the Spartan was fun and unique. The second figure a few waves later being a Gladiator was really cool. But now it is obvious someone at LEGO really wants an Ancient World (that is more than Egyptian) themed line because now they have gone ahead and released a Roman Legionary!

“I’ll march anywhere, fight anyone, and build anything you command!” Ever since he was first assembled, the Roman Soldier has followed his orders without a moment’s hesitation. Just tell him what you want done and he’ll carry out your command right away, treating each mission as equally important no matter how tough (or silly!) it may be.

The other Minifigures sometimes take advantage of this, so you may find the Roman Soldier hard at work doing the dishes, taking pets for walks and building aqueducts all over town, just because somebody else didn’t want to get their own chores done. But he doesn’t mind the extra work – according to him, that’s what a Roman Soldier is for!

I’m not sure how many different ways I can say LEGO has once again topped themselves. But this figure is an amazing representation of a Roman Legionary in full armor. His armor is painted to look like overlapping plate mail that is tied together with leather strips, while parts are decorated with golden markings.

The legs feature heavy paint applications as well with his legs painted to give him a proto-kilt, along with some extra armor around the crotch. A single brown line runs around the toes to give the impression of a sandal which is such a subtle application that works very well. The figure’s face is stern with high cheekbones and staring straight ahead – he almost looks like he could be related to the Spaceman.

Accessories though is where LEGO really out did themselves yet again. A brand new helmet piece is included that looks incredible in pearl gray. The spear isn’t new, but still looks great. The final new piece is the shield. LEGO could have easily taken the easy way out and used their square shield, but instead this oversized piece is curved and decorated with ornate winged spears. A display stand is included as well.

When trying to find this figure, the spear and shield are dead giveaways. Though the shield feels odd at first, just remember there is a single stud in the center. But like the Spartan, this figure is quickly becoming hard to find as people assemble huge armies of them to send to battle. As a figure, he’s fantastic and I am more than content with just one of them. If you’re a fan of the ancient history and LEGO, this figure is perfect.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 6 (8827)
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Bandit | Flamenco Dancer | Clockwork Robot | Minotaur
Leprechaun | Roman Legionary

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Egyptian Queen | Graduate | Gangster | Snowboarder Guy

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Hockey Player | Punk Rocker | Crazy Scientist | Sailor
Figure Skater | Musketeer | Kimono Girl | Werewolf

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Fisherman | Samurai Warrior | Mummy | Hula Dancer
Space Alien | Tennis Player | Rapper | Pilot
Snowboarder | Tribal Chief | Baseball Player | Race Car Driver

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (8684)
The Witch | Pop Star | Karate Master | Spartan Warrior
Pharaoh | Vampire | Surfer | Lifeguard
Mime | Explorer | Skier | Mariachi
Ringmaster | Disco Dude | Weight Lifter | Traffic Cop

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Robot | Zombie | Ninja | Spaceman
Super Wrestler | Forestman | Skater | Nurse
Demolition Dummy | Magician | Cowboy | Deep Sea Diver

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February 13th, 2012 at 12:00 am

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