LEGO Review Collectible Minifigures Series 6: Leprechaun #8827

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The reveal of the LEGO Minotaur was pretty exciting since mythology used to be an area where LEGO didn’t do much. But in the last few years, they have really amped up production on humanoids. We’ve already gotten robots, the whole spectrum of Universal Monsters and decent assortment of mythical creatures too. And now another oddity is included – the Leprechaun!

“Sure, I’ll show you where my gold is hidden! Just close your eyes and spin around three times…” The jolly but mischievous Leprechaun loves to play pranks on anyone who comes looking for his famous pot of gold. He can appear with a wink and vanish with a nod, hop down a rabbit-hole or leap to the top of the tallest tree, and even transform into a talking animal if it will help him pull off a really fun practical joke on an unsuspecting treasure-hunter.

The Leprechaun once misplaced his pot of gold and tried his luck at being a shoemaker, but it just didn’t work out. The problem was, almost no Minifigures actually wear shoes…and on most of the ones that do, they don’t come off!

Now regulated as an Irish stereotype, Leprechauns are best known for selling cereal to children filled with marshmallows. Now when people think of a leprechaun, they think of a short man dressed in green and having a pot of gold. But the lore is quite different, where leprechauns are a cross between a genie and the shoe-making elves or gnomes.

The LEGO Leprechaun does its best to stay with the current imaginings of how leprechauns should look. Well dress in a three-piece suit with an elaborate bow tie, the clothing painted on the figure looks amazing. The dark green vest and golden buttons and buckles work very well, while the lime green used helps give the figure some much needed contrast. In an odd twist, the figure’s lapel is a three leaf clover, not a four. To give the figure a shorter stature, the short legs are used like the Gnome and Dwarf.

The face looks great too with the Leprechaun having a red beard and smiling face. The chin strap beard works well and the color would allow him to fit right in with the Weasley family. The look is finished with a green top hat with a black strap painted on it with a golden buckle. The paint application is pristinely applied.

For an accessory, the Leprechaun comes with his pot. Cast in brown plastic, I believe this is an exclusive piece and is different from the buckets included in the newer Kingdoms sets. Though it does look like the handle is compatible, but it wasn’t included. The color of the bucket is a touch odd since I usually think of leprechauns as having black pots of gold.

To fill the bucket, three gold studs are included. This really confuses me because LEGO has two different kinds of actual gold coins, but instead they just went with regular studs. I don’t know why this is the case, but at least all three of the studs stack together to fill the bucket completely. The leprechaun also comes with a display stand.

When trying to find the leprechaun, feel for his hat and pot. Both pieces are rather uniquely shaped – just make sure there are three round bricks in all since you’ll be counting the head, hat and pot. As a figure, I enjoy the Leprechaun. He’s a touch odd but works beautifully as a figure. If LEGO was really thinking, they will reuse him in a month for a seasonal St. Patrick’s Day set. If they do, maybe they’ll give him actual gold.

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