LEGO Review Collectible Minifigures Series 6: Flamenco Dancer #8827

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Maybe I’ve been watching too much Modern Family lately, but when I first got this figure in my hand my first thought was, “They made Gloria into a LEGO figure?” Then I opened up another one and began wondering what I could do with two of them.

“Behold the blaze of el baile flamenco!” The Flamenco Dancer lives for the fiery rhythm of flamenco. She knows every part by heart: the singing, the guitar, the clapping and most especially the dancing. Just follow the music as it winds through the streets and you’re sure to find her dancing with her fan in hand long into the night.

The Flamenco Dancer is always looking for more ways to express her passion through dance. Recently, she has formed an unusual partnership with three other musical Minifigures: the Maraca Man, the Punk Rocker and the Hula Dancer. By combining their talents together, they’re hoping to create a whole new kind of flamenco to show off to the world!

I’ve got to applaud LEGO for making figures that aren’t solely targeted towards the 8-12 male demographic. After the fiasco what was the Friends line launching, the Collectible Minifigure line is a great way to get more female minifigures out to the public other than clearancing the Female LEGO Magnet collections.

Wearing a fine red dress, the Flamenco Dancer does her best with the standardized LEGO form. Her legs are done out of a red sloped brick, but most of the design comes from the black paint job on the front of her dress and both sides of her torso. The paint looks good but my biggest issue with this figure is the fact that the outfit is begging to be painted on multiple surfaces. With only the front of her dress painted frilly, it makes her look odd when viewed from other sides, like she’s unfinished.

The face is well done but basic. She’s clearly wearing some make up but not too much (like the Figure Skater), and a single beauty mark is on her right cheek – the opposite side of the Zookeeper so we know this isn’t her moonlighting.

All of the Flamenco Dancer’s accessories come from other figures. Her hair is styled in an unnatural angle, and it is the same piece as the Figure Skater’s but done in black. Her fan is the same as the Kimono Girl’s only black instead of brick red. She also comes with a display stand.

When trying to find this figure in the package, she and Lady Liberty are the only two that have the sloped dress piece. If the slope is there and the spiky hair piece isn’t, it’s the Flamenco Dancer. Normally, it kind of bothers me when a LEGO figure uses the sloped piece since it makes the figure a plate taller than a normal LEGO figure. But in this case, I’m okay with it since a Flamenco Dancer is probably wearing some outrageous pair of shoes. This is a good figure, but not a great one and I know she wasn’t made for me.

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February 7th, 2012 at 12:00 am

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