LEGO Review Collectible Minifigures Series 6: Minotaur #8827

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I really must tip my hat to LEGO for this figure because never in all my years did I ever expect LEGO to actually make a figure of the mythical minotaur. Maybe all those people playing World of Warcraft finally got LEGO to realize there’s money to be made in cow-folk.

“Wait, was it left at the next passage, or right?” Half Minifigure and half bull, the legendary Minotaur is said to make his home deep within a great, maze-like labyrinth that only the most brave or foolish of heroes dares to enter. And while that much is true, the rumor that the ferocious beast guards a fabulous treasure is not…in fact, he’s only in there because he can’t find his way out!

The thing is that the Minotaur is just terrible at directions. He used to have a map of the place, but he lost it somewhere and ever since, he’s wandered around the labyrinth hoping to run into somebody helpful who can show him where the entrance is. Unfortunately, everyone that he’s met so far either tries to fight him or runs away. Maybe it’s the horns…or the axe…or the cow-breath?

Cursed to wander beneath the palace of Knossos, Crete, the Minotaur really shows just how messed up Greek mythology was. King Minos was given a white bull by Poseidon, who wanted him to sacrifice it in honor of himself (which totally seems like re-gifting to me). But Midas didn’t do that, so Aphrodite sent him a message by making his wife fall madly in love with the bull and the end result was her giving birth to the Minotaur, which for some inexplicable reason liked to feast on human flesh. Because that is exactly what cows are known for.

But LEGO’s take on the Minotaur is hopefully less crass. From the neck down, it’s a regular minifigure. Cast all in brown plastic, the figure is given an impressive set of abs on the chest and a navy kilt of some sort. The toes are a nice touch too since they’re painted to look like hooves.

The Minotaur’s head is a brand new piece and looks pretty good. The mane covers the shoulders and part of his chest, giving him some much needed additional bulk. Two horn pieces plug into the side, which means there are plenty of opportunities to customize the head too. The head is painted with large, yellow eyes that are oddly expressionless – like it’s just a guy in a mask (which leads me to think the entire LEGO Collectible Minifigure line is just a giant costume party). Since the head is so big, there is no neck articulation.

Accessories are minimal since it looks like LEGO spent all their effort on the head piece. A short rod and a single axe blade are included – it’s the same as the Dark Dwarf. The horns are removable, but I don’t count those as accessories. A black display stand is present as always.

Trying to find this mythical beast is easy since his massive head piece is unlike any other LEGO brick out there. Just be aware that the horns are not attached in the bag! I really like this figure, but the eyes bother me. Getting a minotaur with a deer-in-headlights look is a touch odd. A minor slant in the eye shape to give him some kind of expression would have made this figure truly excellent. But even with that single flaw, it’s a LEGO Minotaur! That’s still pretty awesome.

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