LEGO Review Collectible Minifigures Series 6: Sleepyhead #8827

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Beds are an oddity in the LEGO world. At some point, most kids will attempt to make one for their minifigures but they’re always hit with the same realization: LEGO figures and beds don’t mix. Sure, cots are fine but it’s impossible to tuck a figure in with bricks!

“Just five more minutes…” Ya-a-a-awn! Is it really time to get up already? The Sleepyhead isn’t quite ready to face the morning yet. He was just having a totally awesome dream about adventuring in a magical world full of colorful knights with swords that shoot lightning…or was it the one about the time machine powered by historical hats?

Who can rise and shine when bed is so comfy and you’ve got your favorite teddy bear by your side? Don’t worry; the Sleepyhead will be up in a minute. Maybe he’ll just close his eyes and grab a quick nap first, though. After all, you can’t get through the day without plenty of rest! Zzzzz…

Sleepyhead is one of those figures that is delightfully generic. It’s a guy in striped pajamas with messy hair carrying a teddy bear. You could probably argue he’s supposed to be a kid, but thankfully LEGO didn’t give him short legs. So maybe he’s first appearance tenth Doctor? You know, without the sword.

The pajama paint job is quite impressive with the figure having stripes on the front, back, arms and the side of the legs! It’s remarkable because LEGO could have easily just made the figure without designs and he would have been fine. The head is double-sided as well with one side yawning. The bags under the eyes are a nice touch. The reverse side is a face that is sleeping contently. Or someone who is being very smug.

The hairpiece is new too. It’s a great balance between being messy bed head and looking stylized. Which is great, since it finally gives us a way to make LEGO douche bags! His other accessories include a display stand and one other new piece – a teddy bear! Cast in a single brick, the bear is absolutely adorable! In a genius move, the bear looks like it could easily pass as a bear cub or a teddy bear, which is a nice change of pace. It also has space for a stud underneath so it can be attached.

Until I opened this figure, it was almost impossible to tell what the teddy bear was – it felt just like a crossbow! Once you know what it is though, this figure is a breeze to find since no other LEGO brick (except maybe the chimp) feels anything like this. I really like this figure since all the pieces are so unique, it’s just a shame you can’t easily tuck this figure into bed.

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