LEGO Review Collectible Minifigures Series 6: Bandit #8827

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Someone at LEGO must really be hoping for a return of the LEGO Western theme, because this is the fifth figure that would have been right at home with the gun-totting cowboy line. Though with the new horse designed being unofficially revealed in the upcoming Lord of the Rings line, I wouldn’t be surprised if LEGO goes back to that well.

“Whaddya mean, I can’t have seven aces?” Lean, mean and bad-mannered, the black-clad Bandit is a notorious outlaw of the Old West. This despicable desperado is an expert at cattle-rustling, horse-stealing, claim-jumping and train-robbing, but he always ends up getting caught by the long arm of the law thanks to his one big weakness: he cheats at everything.

Whether he’s playing cards or trying to outride the sheriff, the Bandit always looks for the unfair and easy path to fortune. He’ll take secret shortcuts that get him stuck in cactus patches, swipe the fastest stallion in the county only to have it throw a shoe, and rig sharp-shooting contests that end with saloon signs crashing down on his head. As long as he keeps trying to cheat, this bad guy will never win!

For those with a depth of knowledge about LEGO’s elaborate history, I would bet money on this Bandit being closely related to either Black Bart or Flatfoot Thompson of the old Western theme. This isn’t some random nobody bandit, this guy is very well dressed and even better armed. Wearing a fine black three-piece suit, you can only barely make out the tan vest and white linen shirt because he is covered in ammunition!

Belts of ammunition run across his chest and back in a X, while an actual belt hangs low around his waist and contains more bullets. The face is fantastic like most of the LEGO company’s efforts. The goatee and mustache look dastardly, while the stubble lets you know this guy has been on the run for a few days at least. His face is covered in small nicks and cuts that let you know he isn’t above a good old fashioned brawl either. I don’t know how LEGO manages to consistently put this much detail into a single head, but they have once again!

The rest of the Bandit’s outfit is complete with a dark red bandana that can be worn around his neck either way, either covering his mouth or keeping the sand from going down his shirt. His hat is identical to the Gangster’s, but a change of context completely separates it. For weapons, the Bandit comes with matching black six-shooters. I would had loved getting them in gold, but the black works well. A display stand is included.

When searching for the Bandit, feel for the bandana. Off the figure, no other brick feels anything like the double points. Cowboys is interesting as a LEGO theme because it is one of those quintessentially American, which seems a touch odd coming from a European company. But LEGO does such a great job with these figures, I really would love to see what they could do when revisiting the theme.

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