Green Lantern Movie Action League Review: First Day on Oa

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It took me ages to find the Green Lantern Action League 3-packs the first time around, so I assumed the second back of movie-centric sets never got made as well. Then one day on a whim, I was browsing eBay and managed to find all of them shipped for cheaper then it would cost me to drive to the nearest Wal-Mart and hope they had them in stock. When I know it costs me $6 just in tolls to go toy shopping, online prices feel more reasonable.

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!

I still haven’t gotten around to seeing the live action Green Lantern movie, but I did see the animated Green Lantern: Emerald Knights movie and loved it, mostly because of Nathan Fillion doing what he does best. So I only have still images to base the costumes off of. I know the costumes got redone to look more spacey, but the simpler look of the Action League changes just how stylized these figures are.

Abin Sur was the Green Lantern who crashed on earth and gave his power ring to Hal Jordan. He looks a lot like a bald, purple-skinned human. Abin Sur’s costume was made to look more armor-like than the others, going as far as including silver parts on his chest and arms, along with gauntlets around his wrists. The lined costume helps mirror the lines in his skin, giving the figure a feeling of consistency. But the face just looks far too solemn.

The paint is a bit wonky though. The head looks great with the bright purple, but the dark green paint applications seem to constantly be missing the lines. I’m guessing Mattel wanted to make the figure look more organic, but instead it comes off as lazy. Unlike the comic Lanterns, Abin Sur’s ring is just solid green and shows no emblem.

Hal Jordan became Abin Sur’s replacement after being given his ring. This isn’t the first time Ryan Reynolds has been miniaturized, and the likeness isn’t anything special but infinitely better than his Deadpool figure. With a smug head, this figure does a great job capturing the cockiness of Hal Jordan. The domino mask works well and the head’s proportions are some of the best looking in the Action League line.

The body isn’t anything special, but it is uniquely sculpted. It is covered in small lines that gives the suit a different look, but was still obviously influenced by Abin Sur’s. Like Abin Sur, the paint isn’t great with the dark green’s coverage coming and going at random points and again, the ring is just a green spot on the hand.

The final figure is Tomar-Re, the intergalactic space chicken-fish! In the movie, Tomar-Re’s design has him covered in scales but the figure eschews those in favor of some circles to give him a different, but more basic design. He’s posed identically to his comic figure too. There are some nice touches on the sculpt, but the figure’s weirdness from the movie has been toned down a lot as well. Gone are his chicken claw hands but at least his feet are chicken-y.

The head is fine, but the black beak looks weird no matter how it is done. But Tomar-Re’s paint is the best of the bunch since he has clearly marked splits between what should be dark green and what should be light green. All three of the figures have identical articulation that is the norm for any Action League figure: four cut joints at the shoulders, neck and waist.

But I didn’t buy this pack to get the figures – I bought it to get the accessories! Three constructs are included in the set and all of them are interchangeable between the figures. One is a classic over-sized fist that is a perfect representation in the Action League style. Next is a more barbaric piece that claims to be a shield but looks far more like an oversized battle ax. Last is a spiked club that looks like it belongs in Eternia, but is a great construct as well.

The biggest issue though with this set is scale. For some reason, all the figures are slightly smaller than the regular Action League. No one seems quite big enough and their hands are smaller – which means the constructs don’t slip on easily when combining them with the other figures. You can force the constructs onto comic Hal Jordan’s hands, but it takes effort and they will pop off with ease. So if you’re buying these just for the accessories, you’ll be disappointed.

Realistically, this is probably going to be the only Abin Sur figure the Action League will release. If you want to add him to your collection, he’ll fit in well enough but the style isn’t quite the same. The biggest shame to me though is that the accessories aren’t cross-compatible which seems like a huge mistake.

Green Lantern Action League

Comic Series
Green Lantern Corps

Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan & John Stewart
Training on Oa
Tomar-Re, Charging Hal Jordan & Green Lantern Sinestro
Max Charge
White Lantern Sinestro, Kilowog & Max Charge Hal Jordan

Movie Series
Shackling of Krona
Krona, Hal Jordan & Kilowg
First Day on Oa
Abin Sur, Hal Jordan & Tomar-Re
Origin of Fear
Sinestro, Hal Jordan & Green Man

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