Green Lantern Movie Action League Review: Origin of Fear

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The second of the Green Lantern movie Action League packs really makes me wonder who is in change of character selection at Mattel because I don’t think anyone has been clamoring for a Green Man.

“Bring light to the ring,
I charge thee–
Unveil every evil around me!
Replenish the power to–“

Much like the Brave and the Bold Action League, this line is drowning in Hal Jordans. But instead of giving us awesome multicolor variants, these sets just include Hal Jordan in his movie costume – the exact same figure. There isn’t much more to say about him. He’s still smug, his paint is still haphazardly applied and he’s still undersized.

This is Sinestro’s fourth unique figure in the Action League line. Let that sink in because it is absurd. There’s Green Lantern, Yellow Lantern and White Lantern versions of this man! But this figure looks amazing. Unlike Abin Sur, Sinestro’s sculpt is a perfect blend of movie and Action League styles. His uniform is just different enough but doesn’t seem like anything gets lost in the design.

Since Sinestro is usually serious, the design works well with there being sharp cuts and sharp paint applications. Sadly, the Green Lantern emblem on his chest is muddled. At least Mattel made sure to make him left handed. The best part of Sinestro is the head. It looks right and manages to avoid the looking like Hitler problem Sinestro has been having lately. Sinestro has cut shoulders, neck and waist joints.

The final figure makes absolutely no sense to me. It’s Green Man the intergalactic frog! Heavily redesigned for the movie, Green Man is normally a humanoid who looks suspiciously like a Ninja Turtle. This Green Man is a giant frog.

The sculpt is surprisingly good though with Green Man having webbed feet, but it drastically contrasts with the block hands of the Action League style. He’s posed in a kneeling stance, which is unique but gives him major balancing issues. Thankfully, he can borrow a stand from the Flash or Superman. Articulation is the waist and shoulders only, all three are cut joints.

The paint though makes the whole figure feel odd. Around the torso, Green Man looks like your standard Lantern. But the colors gradually fade away as you get to his hands and feet – which are the same shade as Hal’s skin! Then his frog head is bright green. It just doesn’t make sense.

Like the other movie pack, three constructs are included. Sinestro came packaged with a drill that fits comfortably over his left hand – and makes him kind of look like a Mega Man villain. Hal came with a large hammer that would make Thor jealous. Finally Green Man got a massive spiked mace attachment that is so big his arm can’t support it! Luckily, the space for the hand is large enough for a regular Green Lantern figure to use it as well. The hammer and drill are much more difficult and do not fully fit over non-movie Action League hands.

As a pack, this is hard to recommend. First, they’re near impossible to find at retail since every Wal-Mart is clearancing Green Lantern toys quicker than they can sell them. You do at least get two new figures though. Sinestro is much better than the other Green Lantern Sinestro figure, but Hal is just a repack and Green Man makes no sense. The constructs are nice, but the lack of real compatibility is annoying.

Green Lantern Action League 3-Packs

Comic Series
Green Lantern Corps

Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan & John Stewart
Training on Oa
Tomar-Re, Charging Hal Jordan & Green Lantern Sinestro
Max Charge
White Lantern Sinestro, Kilowog & Max Charge Hal Jordan

Movie Series
Shackling of Krona
Krona, Hal Jordan & Kilowg
First Day on Oa
Abin Sur, Hal Jordan & Tomar-Re
Origin of Fear
Sinestro, Hal Jordan & Green Man

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