Green Lantern Movie Action League Review: Shackling of Krona

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In the final Green Lantern movie Action League pack, I realized they never included a Parallax for the Lanterns to fight. In fact, of nine figures release only one of them is a bad guy. Well, Sinestro will be a bad guy but I’m not counting that.

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!

Why do characters like Hal Jordan get released over and over again but someone like Multiple Man never gets made into a toy? Hal Jordan is more of the same. His costume looks fine, the paint is awkward at best and he’s still looking smug. And you can’t even use these as customs for different Corps! Oh well, he’s a decent figure but I have nothing more to say about him.

The other Lantern in this set is the drill sergeant for the Green Lantern Corps – Kilowog! A massive space alien pig, Kilowog’s look is certainly unique and this figure doesn’t really look like him. Instead of the pink skin, he’s done in orange and his face just looks… weird. He’s a fine generic alien, but he isn’t Kilowog to me.

It is nice though that he towers over the other figures in the set, but he is completely dwarfed by the actual Kilowog figure. The sculpt overall is interesting with some odd alien elements like his oddly located knees and chest spike. But the paint isn’t the best. Mine came with slop on his left arm. Kilowog has the standard articulation.

The final figure is a fallen Guardian of the Universe – Krona! Instead of making him look like a swashbuckling space pirate, Krona is wearing the classic Guardians garb. The red robes and fraying at the bottom, but the overall look is unmistakable. In an odd twist, the figure is actually hollow too – like he was intended to be levitating originally.

Hanging off Krona’s wrists are shackles, while his oversized blue head has sunken eyes. With some minor customizing, this could easily become any guardian. Articulation isn’t plentiful, but I don’t picture the Guardians as being big on moving. Cut shoulders and neck are all there is, but his high collar and pointed chin sustainably limit the neck.

Only two constructs are included in this set. Hal came with a large piece that is either a jet engine or a missile launcher; it doesn’t really matter and evokes his history as a pilot. Kilowog comes with a massive tiger’s head. And I mean massive, it’s the size of Krona! I don’t know why Kilowog would even know what a tiger is though since he isn’t from earth. The tiger piece is so big that Hal can’t use it. And the missile launcher is too small for Kilowog as well.

I really only got this set for the constructs and Krona, even though I don’t really care about him. The constructs are nice, but I didn’t know about how incompatible they were until I had already ordered them all. I would have loved if Mattel had just made better constructs or used the movie as a chance to really make some interesting figures. Instead, they kept releasing the same hero and somehow managed to make a line that isn’t compatible with itself.

Green Lantern Action League 3-Packs

Comic Series
Green Lantern Corps

Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan & John Stewart
Training on Oa
Tomar-Re, Charging Hal Jordan & Green Lantern Sinestro
Max Charge
White Lantern Sinestro, Kilowog & Max Charge Hal Jordan

Movie Series
Shackling of Krona
Krona, Hal Jordan & Kilowg
First Day on Oa
Abin Sur, Hal Jordan & Tomar-Re
Origin of Fear
Sinestro, Hal Jordan & Green Man

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