K’NEX Mario Kart Wii Review: Luigi with Standard Go-Kart

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It is only fitting that a character who started out as a simple palette swap ends up getting a toy that is pretty much identical to another one. Why reinvent the wheel for Luigi?

Price aside, I am very impressed with the K’NEX Wii Mario Kart line. The figures are very well done and the builds offer some innovative ideas. But what is there to say that I haven’t already said before? Not a whole lot actually since both Yoshi and Luigi come with the exact same vehicle! The only change is what was lime green before is now just green. That’s pretty much it.

The motor is still the genius pull-back brick that allows the vehicle to move on its own. This piece alone makes the set almost worth the price of admission. But in the week since I reviewed Yoshi, I’ve discovered a more pressing issue: the stickers don’t stay on.

In the last week, many of the stickers on this set have begun curling and come off. The checkered details on the side are constantly needing to be pushed back on and the white stripe decided it no longer wants to be part of the vehicle. Thankfully, the vehicles don’t need the stickers at all. Though it does seem like a terrible idea in retrospect to have stickers be applied over multiple bricks.

The Luigi figure is very identical in construction to Mario but a few little changes were made. A longer set of legs gives Luigi the needed height difference, but this means he towers over LEGO figures. The build is thinner than Mario as well. Like before, the head is exceptionally sculpted and looks perfect.

The one truly unique item in this set though is the accessory. While Yoshi got a Super Mushroom, Luigi comes with an Invincibility Star! Done in the same way of being pegged to a brick, the star looks perfect. Sadly though, there is no way for a figure to hold it.

While there isn’t anything new to say about this set that I didn’t already talk about before, that doesn’t stop it from being good. In fact, having two of these cars makes it even better for one reason – they can crash into each other! This is a good toy and a good collectible. Now I just need to find Bowser.

Written by jestergoblin

March 2nd, 2012 at 12:00 am

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