DC Universe Flashpoint Action League Review: The Flash & Citizen Cold

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My comic reading is on quite a delay now. Years ago, I was at my local comic store every Wednesday to pick up my stack. But then I went to college and began getting my books every few weeks. Then it became even less. So it wasn’t until the last few days that I actually got around reading Flashpoint – all of it. Including every tie-in which I think was a mistake because for an elaborate Elseworlds tale, not a whole lot ended up happening.

The Flash reluctantly teams up with Citizen Cold – but will the ice shooter freeze him out?!

Yeah, that didn’t even happen in Flashpoint since the Flash was too busy running around in an attempt to set the universe back to how it was supposed to be but ended up resulting in the New 52. But I will say I’m very impressed that Mattel decided to release Flashpoint toys in the Action League style. Because so many kids read comics now, right?

Barry Allen is back again as the Flash in the Action League. Thankfully, instead of just giving us a repack, Mattel did something a little different and cast the Flash in translucent red plastic. The overall look reminds me a lot of the Kingdom Come figure and works fairly well.

The pose is the same running forward stance we’ve seen before with the regular Flash and Professor Zoom, but it really does work well for the Flash. Thankfully the clear stand is present to keep him from falling down. Flash moves at the big four.

The paint is minimal but works well. The yellow lightning bolts manage to have the appropriate amount of coverage so they look yellow and not orange. The face is well done too with ample coverage. Another nice touch is the plastic used is thick enough so you don’t end up seeing through to the other side. In an odd choice, the backsides and soles of Flash’s boots aren’t painted. They’re slightly airbrushed to look somewhat orange and I really like it. It’s a creative way to show speed in an immobile object.

Citizen Cold is pretty much identical to Captain Cold in the regular DC Universe. Sure, he’s kind of a hero in this alternate timeline but he’s still a huge jerk with a tendency to kill his opponents like Mr. Freeze and Wally West. But even if you’re not a fan of Flashpoint, the good news is Captain Cold and Citizen Cold wear the same costume.

Being a cold-themed villain, Captain Cold is covered in furry trim around his boots, cuffs, hood and neck. It’s a simple touch that works well. Wearing a parka with a hood that would make Hobgoblin jealous and glasses that Mole Man would wear in a heartbeat, Captain Cold makes use of a limited color pallet with only his belt and gun adding some much needed color.

Whether he’s leading the Rogues or battling them, Captain Cold would be nothing without his freeze gun. Cast in purple, it’s shown off by shooting either some ice or snow. Captain Cold has the same articulation as the Flash but his pointed chin gives him around 300 degrees of movement since it gets stuck on his right shoulder. Still, it’s enough for him to look down the sight of his gun.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Flashpoint, this is one of those packs that is worth getting. The Flash is a unique take on the figure that actually works, but the real draw is Citizen/Captain Cold. Whatever you want to call him, if you have a Flash figure, then you need a Cold to constantly be battling him. I just can’t believe that Mattel marketed this figure as Citizen Cold.

DC Universe Action League

Wave 1
Superman & Bizzaro | Hal Jordan & White Lantern Sinestro
Firestorm & Deathstorm | The Flash & Captain Boomerang

Wave 2
Green Arrow & Prometheus | Batman & the Joker
John Stewart & Atrocitus | Tomar Re & Low

Wave 3
Superman & Wonder Woman | Batman & Deathstroke
Split Hal Jordan & Saint Walker | Killowag & Zilius Zox

Wave 4
Batman & Bronze Tiger | Professor Zoom & the Flash
Martian Manhunter & Deadman | Yellow Lantern Sinestro & Akrillo

Flashpoint Universe Action League
The Flash &  Citizen Cold |

Written by jestergoblin

February 27th, 2012 at 12:00 am

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