DC Universe Flashpoint Action League Review: Wonder Woman & Aquaman

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As the world without the Justice League, there didn’t seem to be anyone around to keep Aquaman and Wonder Woman in check during Flashpoint. But thanks to political intrigue and some awful cop outs, the Flashpoint storyline ended with a whimper because heroes always have to be heroes – even if they decapitated someone just a few issues earlier.

Originally intending to be wed to unify Atlantis and Themyscira, Aquaman and Wonder Woman got some major changes in Flashpoint. Of course, after an assassination, the wedding got called off, the two kingdoms declared war on each other, somehow Gorilla Grodd took over Africa and all of Europe was destroyed. You know, normal stuff that happens all the time in comics.

Aquaman got a great redesign in Flashpoint to give him a more military look. Gone is the green and orange color scheme and it got replaced by a lovely black and red. With some yellow trim, the overall look is great. The design is very similar to the regular Aquaman costume, but twisted just enough that he could also work as a new member of your Crime Syndicate of America.

Posed mid-swim, in a manner very similar to the Flash, Aquaman gets a chance to show off elements of his costume that would otherwise be lost. The fins on his legs give him an off-worldly vibe. The face has some issues though because it is missing the scars from the book. Aquaman moves at the shoulders, waist and neck.

The paint really helps sell the figure since Mattel really made the most of flat yellows, glossy black and reddish-orange plastic with just a hint of shimmer. Aside from some weak coverage on his leg where the yellow doesn’t quite cover the black, he looks good.

In a surprise twist, Aquaman comes with an accessory – two actually! The clear display stand isn’t anything new but needed. His other accessory is his five-pronged trident. It looks fine, but the color seems a touch off (especially compared to Wonder Woman’s weapon). Even better, he looks fine with or without it, though only his left hand can hold the trident.

Originally Aquaman’s bride to be, Wonder Woman is a perfect pairing for this pack. Dressed up in full Amazonian armor, Wonder Woman looks regal and terrifying. Her costume perfectly draws from the classic Wonder Woman look, but little changes really set the mood that this is a different world. Everywhere that she normally would show skin has been replaced with scale mail.

Wonder Woman’s armor is elaborate without being cumbersome. I do question some choices like the armored high heel boots and the random blue ring around each arm, but the overall appearance just works. Her hair is tied in a pony tail and comes out the base of her helm.

The helmet looks really good and manages not to be too out of place since the color matches the hilt of her sword. But Wonder Woman’s helmet originally belonged to Aquaman’s wife, Mera. Wearing it as a trophy, Wonder Woman’s crested helm covers most of her face and just adds to the warrior princess feel.

Articulation is severely lacking though, with only three cut joints but all of them are limited. Her ponytail and shoulder pads block her head from doing anything other than slightly turning left or right. Her shoulders are cut but blocked by her cape and shoulder pads. I do like how her left hand is posed though, like she’s either about to punch someone or command an army.

The color scheme works well with Wonder Woman keeping her red and blue color scheme without going super patriotic (which never made sense to me). The gold and silver armor give her added toughness, while the gray plastic helps add some depth. Sadly, her helm and sword are permanently attached.

As a Flashpoint two-pack, this is fantastic. These two have a long history and are a perfect pairing. But I don’t see them as being Flashpoint; I seem them as the latest additions to my Injustice League from Toybox 2 because they are perfect versions of evil Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

DC Universe Action League

Wave 1
Superman & Bizzaro | Hal Jordan & White Lantern Sinestro
Firestorm & Deathstorm | The Flash & Captain Boomerang

Wave 2
Green Arrow & Prometheus | Batman & the Joker
John Stewart & Atrocitus | Tomar Re & Low

Wave 3
Superman & Wonder Woman | Batman & Deathstroke
Split Hal Jordan & Saint Walker | Killowag & Zilius Zox

Wave 4
Batman & Bronze Tiger | Professor Zoom & the Flash
Martian Manhunter & Deadman | Yellow Lantern Sinestro & Akrillo

Flashpoint Universe Action League
The Flash &  Citizen Cold | Project: Superman & The Batman
Wonder Woman & Aquaman |

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February 29th, 2012 at 12:00 am

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