Marvel Mega Bloks Series 3 Review: Cyclops

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The third series of the Marvel Mega Bloks figures have been found in the wild and it seems like Mega Bloks is trying to get as many different characters out there as quickly as possible before the LEGO Marvel sets arrive. In an entire wave, there isn’t a single Iron Man and only one Spidey? Amazing!

But continuing my luck of constantly missing one or two figures from each wave, I still haven’t been able to track down four figures from this line: Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Armored Spider-Man. So the easiest way to review this series was either randomly or alphabetically.

If this wave had a theme, it would probably be X-Men because four different mutants are included. Scott Summers shows up as Cyclops. Often a leader of the X-Men, Cyclops works well in the Mega Bloks hero style because he’s just wearing a spandex suit. But in this case, it looks like Cyclops is wearing an amalgam of a few different suits. For the most part though, it looks to be his Astonishing X-Men suit minus the skullcap and a few yellow markings. But you don’t need Cyclops’s costume to be perfect because all the right elements are there – the visor.

The head is stern and Cyclops has a crew cut hairstyle. It doesn’t look quite right, like the head is a hair too thick but the overall look is close enough. The paint is mostly fine with the yellow colors showing through the navy blue, but the red circle on his left chest seems out of place.

In an odd move, Cyclops can’t touch his hand to his visor too. The articulation is the standard for these Mega Bloks figures: hinged elbows and knees, swivel waist and wrists and ball jointed shoulders, hips and neck.

Accessories are always a challenge for a Cyclops toy. One of my favorites was a Cyclops that came with an Apocalypse-robot, but this figure just repaints Captain America’s shield with the X-logo and calls it a day. A display brick is included and it is cast in translucent red, which is a genius way to connect Cyclops’s powers to a physical item.

To find Cyclops, look for the packs stamped “A04101MM.” Unlike the LEGO packs, these blind bagged figures are all stamped with a unique, and legible, code. This isn’t a bad Cyclops but if you don’t like the Mega Bloks style, he isn’t going to win you over either.

Written by jestergoblin

March 7th, 2012 at 12:00 am

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