Marvel Mega Bloks Series 3 Review: Havok

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This set tells me that Mega Bloks hit a wall when it comes to representing powers on their Marvel figures. Cyclops didn’t have anything, but Havok’s manifestation is downright odd.

The younger brother of Cyclops, Alex Summers is another one of those classic Marvel heroes who constantly seems to be overshadowed. From the neck down, Havok’s figure is identical to Cyclops with what seems to be the generic spandex costume. He’s muscular but there isn’t anything new to see.

As for the costume, it’s hard to tell what version it actually is. It almost looks like a cross between his classic costume with some elements from his more modern ones, but in the end it’s still close enough. Wearing all black, light blue paint is used to give him some details like the gauge on his chest and shoulders, while a golden X emblem covers his entire crotch.

The head is a bit odd. The open top is interesting but gives the figure a dated vibe, like Gambit. He also seems to be wearing eyeliner.

Articulation is the same as all the other Marvel Mega Bloks figures with cut joints at the wrists and waist, hinged elbows and shoulders and ball-jointed shoulders, hips and neck.

For accessories, it is painfully obvious Mega Bloks didn’t know what to do. Havok’s power manifest in the form of recursive circles, which looks great in the comics but doesn’t quite work in three dimensions. So instead he comes with two repulsor blasts like Iron Man, only cast in blue. He also comes with a black brick which is so boring.

To identify Havok, his package is marked with A27091MM on the right seam. He’s an okay figure that just feels off in far too many ways. The costume design isn’t quite right, the accessories are odd and the fact that Havok, of all the X-Men, got released just leaves me scratching my head.


Marvel Mega Bloks Micro Action
Series 1
Iron Man & Battle Damaged Variant
Spider-Man & Armored Variant

War Machine | Black Costume Spider-Man
Venom | Green Goblin

Series 2
Captain America | Red Skull
Thor | Loki | Iron Man Mark V
Whiplash | Army Drone

Series 3
Cyclops | Havok

Written by jestergoblin

March 8th, 2012 at 12:00 am

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