Marvel Mega Bloks Series 3 Review: Mr. Fantastic

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It’s always bothered me when a toy company only releases one member of the Fantastic Four. The Super Hero Squad got it right when all four members came out in the same wave, but sadly Mega Bloks missed the memo and released only Mr. Fantastic.

Like most of the super hero figures in this series, Mr. Fantastic has the exact same sculpt that we’ve seen before. In fact, almost this entire wave uses this body sculpt! The super muscular look doesn’t seem quite right for the man of rubber and gives Mr. Fantastic a sculpt that looks a bit too buff.

The head is new though and looks close enough. Frankly though, all you need to get “close enough” with Mr. Fantastic is making sure his sideburns are white and he doesn’t have facial hair – otherwise you get Dr. Strange. The paint is a bit odd though with Mr. Fantastic’s eyes looking like they’re covered in eyeliner. His suit color seems slightly off too.

Instead of giving him some awesome accessory like his Marvel Legends or Minimates figures, Reed comes with a small build that is some random piece of techno-stuff. I’m going with calling it the Ultimate Nullifier because why not? Consisting of four pieces, this contraption looks fine. The silver and translucent blue work (and seriously Mega Bloks, you used translucent blue here but not on Iceman?). But this build does reveal some oversights about how Mega Bloks makes their bricks. Like all these figures, Mr. Fantastic has a hole in his back for an accessory to plug in, but the pegs on every piece of this build do not fit in that hole! Mr. Fantastic also comes with a powder blue 2×4 brick.

To track down Reed Richards, his packaging is stamped A03101MM. While Reed himself isn’t anything spectacular, his accessory is quite cool. Plus it actually plugs into his brick giving that piece a purpose as well.

Marvel Mega Bloks Micro Action
Series 1
Iron Man & Battle Damaged Variant
Spider-Man & Armored Variant

War Machine | Black Costume Spider-Man
Venom | Green Goblin

Series 2
Captain America | Red Skull
Thor | Loki | Iron Man Mark V
Whiplash | Army Drone

Series 3
Cyclops | Havok | Magneto
Iceman | Mr. Fantastic

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March 13th, 2012 at 12:00 am

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