Marvel Mega Bloks Series 3 Review: Sandman

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The more I look at the Marvel Mega Bloks figures, the more I realize that only with certain kinds of figures do they really excel. Iron Man and the Purple Spartan are excellent toys, but whenever Mega Bloks needs to make just a person, they seem to fall short.

Sandman is an odd figure and feels like he was made by mashing together parts until someone tossed a coat of paint on him and called it a day. At first glance, he looks right. The green-striped shirt, the khakis and a hand made to look like a mace. It all feels right, but as soon as the figure comes into focus, he quickly degrades before your eyes.

Like everyone else in this wave, Sandman shares the same torso. The bigger bulk works well for him since he can augment his mass by adding more sand. But parts of him quickly start looking odd. His legs show off some very weird padding and the cuffs of his pants look like there are shackles. At least his shoes are sculpted differently.

Sandman’s arms sculpted to look like moving sand, with them covered in creases. His right hand is replaced with a giant mace about the size of his head. The head though is the biggest problem. I don’t know if it was taken out of the mold too soon or what, but it looks like his skull has been crushed! Articulation is standard, except he doesn’t have a right wrist.

The paint is a mixed bag too. The costume itself is decent, but the biggest problem I have is the skin tone. Sandman turns into sand and yet his limbs are the shame shade! He has a giant flesh-colored mace hand! It’s even more frustrating when you know Mega Bloks can do great sand coloring like on the Army Drone!

For accessories, Sandman comes with a money bag cast in green with “FE B” printed on it. His other piece is the 2×4 brick that is in that awkward shade. Sadly, Sandman has no way to be made bigger through his accessories which really seems like an oversight.

Labeled A28091MM on his packaging, Sandman just isn’t a good figure. The lack of sand color really bothers me, but Sandman is a character who should be making for excellent toys! He turns his body into massive sand constructs, and yet this toy is stock the way it is. Sorry Mega Bloks, but I think I’m done with you for now.

Marvel Mega Bloks Micro Action
Series 1
Iron Man & Battle Damaged Variant
Spider-Man & Armored Variant

War Machine | Black Costume Spider-Man
Venom | Green Goblin

Series 2
Captain America | Red Skull
Thor | Loki | Iron Man Mark V
Whiplash | Army Drone

Series 3
Cyclops | Havok | Magneto
Iceman | Mr. Fantastic | Sandman

Written by jestergoblin

March 14th, 2012 at 12:00 am

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