Super Mario Kart Wii K’NEX Review: Bowser

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Sometimes the toy gods smile down on you; because that’s the only way I can explain finally being able to track down a K’NEX Bowser figure at retail! It only took me a month, but I finally stumbled across a case that still had him! Given the fact that Bowser is only available in the more expensive sets, finding him for only $2 is a steal!

The K’NEX minifigures are an interesting cross between LEGO and Kubricks. But Bowser makes it really work since he’s so oddly shaped as a minifigures. Unlike most of the minifigures being sold in the market today, the Super Mario Kart Wii series isn’t blind bagged – so you know exactly who you are getting. The bag is white, shows off the character and isn’t too impressive. But Bowser is wrapped in tissue paper so his bag feels kind of off, but that is to keep his painted pieces apart.

Bowser comes disassembled in six different pieces and all of them have some paint. A simple assembly process allows Bowser to stay together with ease. Standing four pegs wide, Bowser is a large figure but not nearly as large as he should be. He’s perfectly in scale with LEGO figures but Mario stands eye to eye and Luigi towers over him!

Articulation is okay but not great. All the joints are cut and Bowser moves at the shoulders, wrists, hips, neck and waist. But every point except his wrists is limited in some way. The large shell prohibits his neck and shoulders from fully rotating while his legs barely even move. Thanks to his tail, he can’t even sit down.

Like all the Super Mario K’NEX figures, the sculpt is an odd mix of blocky styling and perfectly executed imagery. The head and shell look perfect, while the tail is an odd cross between the two styles. His body and arms though are completely blocky. It’s an inconsistent look, but there is still no doubt that this is Bowser.

The paint is pretty good. The head and shell are the best, but the individual nails and spikes are an impressive touch.

What really makes this figure shine is the price point – he was only $2! He’s perfectly in scale as a LEGO opponent and the look is unmistakable. It’s a shame he’s packed two per case, because this is a fantastic figure.

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March 19th, 2012 at 12:00 am

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